July 25, 2010

I'll Fly Away

I'll Fly Away
20 x 16 oil 

I was trying to think of what to name this one and my iTunes helped me out by playing I'll Fly Away by Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch from Oh Brother Where Art Thou. The meaning of the song is much different than the painting, but the title fits.

Fly Away. I think I'd like to take flight! Just take off and soar. Seeing where the winds take me.
Somewhere with cooler temps and less humidity. I'm definitely ready for fall - maybe that's what's behind the golden trees in this painting.

I'll Fly Away framed
 I came across this frame last weekend and actually painted most of the time with it on the painting.
First time I've done that and I found it gave me more focus on what I was painting. Actually framing before the painting is done.

Please contact me if interested in this or any other paintings.
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July 14, 2010

Bird on a Wire

Bird on a Wire
6x6 oil on canvas
©Deb Kirkeeide

I have a wren (probably more than one actually) that serenades me all the time. He sits on the wire just outside the porch. I love how big he sings for such a tiny little bird. We should all sing big songs!

I've been feeling a little like Austin Powers lately - looking for my lost (painting) mojo! Anybody out there seen it?? I'm trying, folks! It certainly has been elusive. It's not from a lack of wanting to, seems to be in the forgetting how! It seems to take me about 3x as long as I think it should. But I am working on a larger piece and that always takes longer. Ah yes, learning to go with the flow here - a lesson in patience.

on hold

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July 6, 2010

Grandfather Tree v.9

Grandfather Tree v. 9
6x8 oil on linen panel

Version 9 of my backyard tree. Someday I'll have a wall filled with these little plein air pieces. Right now they are side side by side along the upper ledge of my studio windows.

While waiting for my house guests to wake up one morning  this past weekend I decided to set up the paints and take advantage of the somewhat cooler weather and managed to get it done in time to head out to the coffee shop.

The weekend was great fun and one of the treats was getting to meet fellow artist and blogger  Doug Daniels. (You may have seen him around , he goes by Double D)
Yes, folks...he lives and breathes!  It turns out that Doug and his wife were in Minnesota and our schedules worked out and we got together for a little visit.

BTW - The invitation is open for any of you who finds themselves in Minnesota.I'd love to meet all of you.

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