March 20, 2018

Who Cooks For You? - Barred Owl Wildlife Painting by Deb Kirkeeide

Who Cooks For You? | 12 x 12 Oil | ©2018 Deb Kirkeeide

Realizing just how long it has been since I last posted new work, I feel like I've been in winter hibernation! But Spring has sprung! (So, the calendar says....) and even though snow is falling right now, I do feel spring in the air.

The birds singing in the morning again and the squirrels are busy getting busy. After hearing a lot of noise in my studio attic, I spoke with a wildlife control expert and he says he suspects it is a squirrel and given the time of year, she may be welcoming "suitors". So there's that.

I recently finished up this beauty. I've been hearing an owl call the past few nights and I assumed it was a barred owl like this one. Turns out this owl makes a much more distinct call than the soft "who, who" I've been hearing.

Barred owls have the distinct "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you?" call and I am fondly reminded of all the times my mother-in-law used to stand on her deck with the kids calling "Who cooks for you?" In all that time, it never occurred to me to find out what kind of owl!

So here's to you Dorothy, you're still making me smile after all these years!

Available here.

January 15, 2018

Rocky - Portrait of a Pug

Rocky | 8x8 Oil | ©2018 Deb Kirkeeide

Look at this sweet face! One of the gratifying aspects of painting pet portraits is knowing how very loved the subjects are.

Rocky passed on this year after living a long, happy life of 15 years. The painting was a gift commissioned by my cousin to give to his daughter, Sarah. Sarah and Rocky were a team and there was a solid relationship of love and companionship between them. 

I suppose in a way, Rocky was a distant cousin of mine. Rest In Peace Rocky! You are missed and remembered fondly!