October 29, 2015

Waiting - raven painting by Deb Kirkeeide

6x6x1.5 oil on hardboard
©2015 Deb Kirkeeide

A little seasonal decor for those who tend to think of Ravens as "scary" (that was a comment to a raven painting I turned in for an art exhibition once) While some may associate the Raven with dark and scary, I disagree. I've read that ravens are associated with Winter Solstice. In Native stories of the Pacific Northwest the Raven brings the light to the world. Nothing scary about that!

October 22, 2015

Petite Bouquet de Fleurs - Floral by Deb Kirkeeide

Petite Bouquet de Fleurs
6x6 Oil on panel
©2015 Deb Kirkeeide

Fall has arrived and in Minnesota it comes with crisp nights and taunts of frost in the air.
I gathered the few remains of my summer blooms and they are residing in one of my little wine glasses. (that's how small this bouquet is!) 

October 18, 2015

Private Eyes Are Watching You - Owl Painting - by Deb Kirkeeide

Private Eyes Are Watching You
10 x 8 Oil
©2015 Deb Kirkeeide

Sometimes paintings seem to arrive with a name the minute they are finished.
And other times I stare at it for hours and come up empty. As I was photographing this one, the song Private Eyes (Hall and Oates I believe) popped in out of the blue and got stuck in the playlist in my head. So I went with it!

And somehow it makes sense. Owls have those big eyes that can probably see through walls or something. So they watch. Hidden in the trees. Cloaked in darkness. And if they can hear mice running under 3 feet of snow, then they are listening to us too!

$450 - Purchase here

October 15, 2015

Waiting at the Edge of Dusk - Barred Owl Painting - Deb Kirkeeide

Waiting At The Edge of Dusk
12 x 9 Oil 
©2015 Deb Kirkeeide

I currently have 5 pieces in an owl exhibition at True North Gallery in Massachusetts. If you are in the area, please stop in for the reception this Saturday. It looks to be a wonderful show!

This painting is not one of them.

Had I intuited that this show opportunity was coming up, I might have finished this (and another) in 
time to be included!

I love owls.  I find them mystical and magical. Probably because they are rarely seen. Their presence only coming into our consciousness by their lonely call in the dark of the night.