November 26, 2016

Sitting Ducks - Wild Life painting of Mallards by Deb Kirkeeide

As I painted a different view of the lake before me, the Mallards started gathering and sunning themselves on the fallen log right off shore before me. I couldn't resist - they were sitting for me and inviting me to paint their portrait. There was a constant parade vying for the perfect spot of sun.

Special pricing on this little gem and it would make the perfect gift for all those outdoors enthusiasts out there.

150.00 Free Shipping

October 19, 2016

Lone Aspen - Plein Air Minnesota Landscape - Deb Kirkeeide

Early in the summer I spent time painting near Grand Marais on the North Shore of Lake Superior.
The landscape was filled with rich greens and this little aspen stood out in it's golden green splendor.

Lone Aspen
8x6 Oil on Linen
$200 Purchase here

October 3, 2016

Wind Dancers - Original Oil Plein Air Landscape - Deb Kirkeeide

Another painting from my outing at Carver Park Reserve. I had a whole lake before me and what caught my attention were these lovely water grasses dancing in the wind.
It's always interesting to see what will grab my attention when I go to paint!

Wind Dancers Oil on Linen 185.00 Purchase

September 27, 2016

Sunflower In A Bottle - original sunflower painting

Sunflowers always seem to bring cheer and joy!And they are the perfect flower to usher in Autumn.
This was a single stem paired with some eucalyptus greens tucked away in a little bottle. It sat on my studio desk just begging to be painted.

Sunflower in a Bottle
6x8 Oil on panel
$195 Purchase

September 18, 2016

Golden Hills - Orignal Landscape Paintng by Deb Kirkeeide

Golden Hills | 9 x 12 Oil on Linen | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

I love it when everything comes together to make the most perfect day. 

I had a chance to get out and paint with my good friend and artist, Diane Foster, last week. it was a beautiful day with hints of fall color in the landscape. We painted out near Waconia, MN at Carver Park Reserve. We caught up on life, enjoyed a picnic lunch and headed to Parley Lake Winery, where we celebrated the day with a glass of wine and live music on the grounds. 


Golden Hills | $550 | Purchase

September 12, 2016

Pink Splendor - Pink Lily Floral original painting

I have the best daughters!

This is a loose, quick, study of a beautiful bouquet they recently surprised me with. I really like how it turned out - fresh - like the bouquet!

They are from The Bouqs and I have to say I am really impressed with their business model. Flowers are cut when they are ordered and delivered fresh. They source from partners that respect and care for the environment and their employees. Sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and we cut only what we sell - so we don't waste 1 out of every 3 stems like others.

My kind of company.

Pink Splendor
6x8 Oil on panel
$185.00 purchase

August 15, 2016

Dog Days of Summer - "LuLu" - Poodle portrait by Deb Kirkeeide

LuLu | 6x6 Oil | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

LuLu came from a small town, but made a name for herself when she won Best of Show in the Westminster Kennel Club. Known for her proud aloofness and graceful walk she went on to be quite a success on the Paris runways. 

If you would like to commission a special Love Portrait of your own LuLu or any other pet, I have more information on my website.

In the meantime, if you would like to "adopt" this little painting, you can purchase here. $185

August 14, 2016

Dog Days of Summer - Shep - Dog Portrait by Deb Kirkeeide

Shep | 6x6 Oil | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

Shep is a happy-go-lucky fella, always happy and ready for any kind of fun and love you might want to throw his way!

My intentions were to make these portraits a daily challenge. However, I miscalculated how much I had on my plate. Intentional and unintentional. Gotta go with the flow!

These little dog portraits are a lot of fun and I still have a few more in me. If you would like to commission a special Love Portrait of your own pet, I have more information on my website

In the meantime, if you would like to "adopt" one of these little guys, you can purchase here. $185

August 9, 2016

Dog Days of Summer - JoJo - Terrier paintng by Deb Kirkeeide

JoJo | 6x6 Oil | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

JoJo is a sweet little terrier who I met on a hot air balloon ride. 

Well, when we landed. 

She was there with her human to meet us as we descended back to earth. Sweet and happy, she greeted us warmly and encouraged us to shower her with adoration.

$185. This painting of JoJo can be adopted here!

August 8, 2016

Dog Days of Summer - Belvedere - Boston Terrier paintng by Deb Kirkeeide

Belvedere | 6x6 Oil | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

Belvedere's small stature belies his big dog attitude. In fact, he can be rather bossy.

August 7, 2016

Dog Days of Summer - "Louie" Dog Portrait by Deb Kirkeeide

 Louie | 6x6 Oil | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

Little Louie looks a little surprised at being caught doing something he would have preferred no one found out about.
But really? Who can resist that sweet face?

$185 Adopt Here

August 6, 2016

Lovely Lana from Copacabana

Lovely Lana From Copacabana | 6x6 oil | $185 free shipping

Her name was Lana, She was a showgirl, With yellow petals in her hair and a leaf cut down to there...
 For some reason the song Copacabana is now on a loop in my brain!

More in my little garden series. I have to admit these little studies are fun and challenging at the same time. All that green and tangle of leaves and stems!

August 5, 2016

Dog Days of Summer - Shirley Basset Dog portrait by Deb Kirkeeide

Shirley Basset | 6x6 Oil | © 2016 Deb Kirkeeide
$185 Purchase here

Shirley may look a bit mournful, but she is actually daydreaming of that handsome great dane she met at the dog park last week. 

This little Basset painting and its companions are all adoptable and looking for homes!

August 3, 2016

Dog Days of Summer - Sheldon - Dog Portrait

Sheldon | 6x6 Oil | $185 Purchase | ©Deb Kirkeeide All rights reserved.

Number 3 in the Dog Days of Summer Series.
These little dog paintings are as much fun to name as they are to paint.

This guy reminds me a little bit of Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is looking slightly annoyed here, possibly because he has to be at the dog park when he could be home with his comic books.

August 2, 2016

Dog Days of Summer - Vincent of York - Yorkshire Terrier painting

Vincent of York | 6x6 Oil | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide
 185.00 Purchase
Number 2 in The Dog Days of Summer series is a Yorkie. 
I call him Vincent of York. Or Vinny for short. Isn't he a handsome fellow?

If you have a special dog (or cat or any other kind of pet!) in your life that you want to celebrate, let me paint one for you! For more information please visit my website!

July 31, 2016

Dog Days of Summer - Dog Portrait original art by Deb Kirkeeide

Oscar | 6x6 Oil | ©2016 DebKirkeeide

This is Oscar. If he were a character in a movie, I imagine him as the friendly owner of the corner bar. Always ready with a hearty greeting, a joke and a mug of beer!

I'm celebrating the Dog Days of Summer by painting a series of small dog portraits this month. Dogs are so fun and full of personality, each a character on its own. And they always make me smile.

If you have a special dog (or cat or any other kind of pet!) in your life that you want to celebrate, let me paint one for you! For more information please visit my website!

July 24, 2016

A Superior View - Lake Superior Landscape painting

A Superior View
12 x 9 Oil 
©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

Mother Superior Called … and I answered.
Lake Superior that is. Each time she called, her voice offered a promise of comfort and nurturing.
I finally answered.
The last few months (years?) have been a bit stressful. I hadn’t realized how much of that I was carrying but I knew I needed to get away to the shores of the big lake.
Armed with journal, sketchbook, paints and absolutely no agenda other than to just be, I headed north to the Grand Marais area, just 60 miles from the Canadian border.

“Be still and the Earth speaks to you”  ~ Navaho Proverb
I watched, listened and let her speak.
She spoke through the mournful call of the loons and the playful antics of the crows that visited each day. Through the gentle fall of rain and the occasional roll of thunder. The lake sang her songs, the pulse of her heart repeating in the waves. Breezes whispered to the trees, their answers in the rustling of the leaves. Love showed up in heart shaped stones I found along the shore. Majesty came in the form of a russet colored buck crossing the road in front of me. Delight came in the thousands of wildflowers lining the roads. So delightful, that I just wanted to give the Earth a big old hug!
Not being completely cut off from civilization, I explored the galleries, discovered new artists, checked out the art fair in Grand Marais, read articles and stories each leading me to a little more clarity and inspiration. I was led to the overreaching theme of nature, her healing and our connections to all of her lessons. 
This painting was my view while I was up there. It was glorious!
A Superior View                                                                                                                9x12 Oil  $435 purchase here 

July 21, 2016

"Neighboring Yards" - Minnesota landscape painting

Neighboring Yards | 6x8 oil | $120 free shipping

I thought I would try a landscape for my little plein air studies. One thing about Minnesota in the summer is the plethora of green in the landscape. It's easy to overdose on green here.
I may be going into color treatment after the summer is over. I think they give you lots of red to counteract its effects.

July 17, 2016

Pinkalicious - Garden Series Painting

 Pinkalicious | 6x6 oil | $185 free shipping

This little garden floral painting is in homage to my granddaughter's favorite color. PINK!

While Eva was visiting this spring, I asked her to help me pick out flowers for the garden.  She announced that her favorite colors are pink, purple and orange. As a result, these are the colors in my garden. There were strong negotiations to add some accents of white. After I thanked her for helping me plant my garden, she corrected me and said it was her garden. I just love three year olds! :)

July 10, 2016

Kristin's Peony - original floral oil painting of pink peony, by Deb Kirkeeide

Kristin's Peony | 8x6 oil | $220 Purchase

I recently helped my friend Kristin Grevich out with a video she needed to submit and afterwards we rewarded ourselves by painting in her beautiful gardens. Her peonies were in full force!
I think peonies must be my favorite flower, their soft pink, full, rounded and ruffled shape and delightful aroma are simply perfection!
This was painted a good month ago and they are long gone but right now I am in Northern Minnesota on the north shore of Lake Superior and they have just bloomed up here. Delightful!

June 30, 2016

Potato Vine - Original Floral Oil Painting Deb Kirkeeide

Potato Vine 6x6 Oil ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide
$185 free shipping Purchase Here

Another intimate view of my planter. Since I painted this I've noticed the vine has practically disappeared. At this rate it will never become a vine. 

I suspect the resident bunny has found it rather tasty. 

June 28, 2016

Lantana Planter - Original oil floral painting by Deb Kirkeeide

Lantana Planter ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide 6x6 Oil
$185 free shipping purchase here

Another study from my planters. A little snippet of orange lantana in one of my planters. 

June 26, 2016

Lantana Duet - Original Floral Oil Painting Deb Kirkeeide

Lantana Duet 6x6 Oil ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide
$185 free shipping purchase here

Summer has arrived and with it I have resolved to get more plein air practice in. I'm starting out with some studies of my planters of flowers. I have no excuses when it is so easy to step out the door, onto my deck and paint away.  Now let's see if I can maintain this practice on a somewhat regular basis!

Happy summer everyone!

April 17, 2016

Lucille Is Just Passin' Through - White Chicken Orginal Oil Painting by Minnesota Artist Deb Kirkeeide

12 x 16  Oil on Hardboard Panel

©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

It's spring! Here in Minnesota it arrived about 6 weeks ahead of schedule and at the moment it feels more like summer. But Mother Nature in all her unpredictable glory, likes to keep us on our toes!
I do love hearing the birds again in the morning and the spring peepers in the evenings. 

Spring has brought lots of change and several shows and events. If you are in Massachusetts, South Hamilton to be exact, I have three paintings in True North's Gallery's Outfoxed show. I also have a selection of spring birds at the gallery as well.

 For anyone in Minnesota, there is a great show at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts called Menagerie. I have several pieces in this as well. It's a wonderfully curated show with a lot of diversity and interpretations of animals in art.

And in two weeks I will be part of the Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour. If you are in the area, stop by!

March 1, 2016

Autumn View - Autumn Landscape by Deb Kirkeeide

Autumn View
8x6 Oil on panel
©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

I'm a little behind in posting.

Back in Autumn, I painted this little view from my studio window. I took artistic license and removed the house in the background, as in my imagination, I live in a more rural area.

And while I'm imagining, I may paint in a lake next time.

185.00 Purchase Here

February 28, 2016

Spring Rabbit - Oil Painting by Deb Kirkeeide

 Spring Rabbit
10x10x1.75 Oil
©Deb Kirkeeide

Our recent warm weather, here in the north-land, teases us with the promise of spring. I've seen my resident bunny, robins and cardinals, and a few hardy souls in short sleeves and shorts. We are a hardy bunch up here in Minnesota!

That was Saturday. 
Sunday it snowed.

With spring comes hope and a promise of brighter days. I'm holding onto that, as life has been turned upside down a bit and demanded my attention away from painting.  But life goes on and I've got shows to prepare for. Can't stay away too long - I just have to increase my juggling skills.

February 1, 2016

Song Dog - Coyote Wildlife Painting - MN Artist Deb Kirkeeide

Song Dog
6x6x.5  Oil on cradled board
©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

Coyote, much like the raven,  often symbolizes the trickster or joker. However, its symbolism is associated with a deep magic of life and creation. It can be considered as having the following meanings:
  • Jokester
  • Adaptability
  • Reveal the truth behind illusion and chaos
  • Playfulness
  • Paradoxical nature, personality difficult to categorize
  • Beware of the dark side of things and play on your resources

I often hear the coyotes residing in my urban setting. They sing in chorus with a siren screaming in the distance. And I have upon occasion seen one in my yard, but only a couple times in the 12 years I have been here.  

January 27, 2016

Winter Shadows Abstract Winter Landscape Deb Kirkeeide

Winter Shadows
8x6 Oil on panel
©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

Does it count as plein air when it is painted from my window?
How about if I paint with the windows thrown wide open?

This was painted from my studio window during one our recent plunges into the deep freeze this winter. I admit it, I am not a hardy, do or die for my art, type of plein air painter. But I sure do admire those who are dedicated to painting in our Minnesota winters.

This is a bit different in style for me and I like this one.

I was painting at my easel and the winter shadows caught my eye, so I quickly tried to lay down the foundations as the light changed faster than I could mix the paint. I decided I liked the simplicity and spontaneity of it and let it be.

200.00 Purchase

January 25, 2016

The More He Saw - Horned Owl Wildlife painting

Wise old owl live in an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard:
Why can't we all be like that bird?
              ~ Edward Hersey Richards

This guy had been hanging out in a gallery show around the holidays and I neglected to post him.
He is back in the studio.

6x6 oil framed
$350 Purchase

January 11, 2016

Contemplation - Raven Painting - Deb Kirkeeide

8 x 8 x .5  Oil on board
©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

I painted this a while ago and just discovered that I had not posted it here.

Just a guy, deep in thought. And the answers seem to be in the toes.

January 6, 2016

Blue Bunny - Original rabbit painting by Deb Kirkeeide

Blue Bunny
 6x6 Oil on hardwood SOLD
©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

This would probably be more fitting for springtime but somewhere in the world, I believe there is a bunny sitting in the grass, in the sunshine.

I've lived in my house for about twelve years now and have encountered a lot of wildlife in my backyard but never a bunny until a couple years ago. And where there is one, eventually another ( or more) shows up. Surprisingly there has only been one other. Mama's little one joined in the fun this summer. They would venture out from beneath the deck and snack on the many dandelion greens growing in my yard. The little one would venture about the yard each time going farther  and going into the neighbor's yards. I would watch for her and warn her of the dangers out there. (I am very protective of my little ones!) I don't see her much in the winter but I am seeing tracks in the snow so I know she/they are still around. Isn't she cute? Her name is Charlotte.

As always, visit my website for more paintings!

January 5, 2016

Light Keeper - Original Raven Myth painting by Deb Kirkeeide

"Light Keeper" 6x6 oil on panel 185.00 Purchase
©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope these recent weeks of celebration and festivities have been Merry and Bright for everyone!

Another little raven piece. Light Keeper. Bringing light to the world. Kind of appropriate for this dark winter time of year.

As always, visit my website for more paintings!