December 26, 2017

Mystic Messenger - Raven Totem Art by Deb Kirkeeide

Mystic Messenger | 8x8 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

A symbol of Creation, Magic and Illumination, The Raven has played a role in many cultural legends throughout time. Among the the Haida and Tlingit peoples of the Pacific Northwest, Raven is revered as a hero and helper of human beings and is often reflected in the bird's prominent position in the totems of the Northwest. The raven is believed to have placed the sun, moon and stars in the sky.

Mystic Messenger is available here.

December 23, 2017

Merry, Merry!

In the Spirit of the Season

I Wish You All 

Much Love, Kindness and Joy.

May Your Days be Merry and Bright,

Now, and Throughout the Year!

~ Deb

December 13, 2017

Tree Whisperer - Original oil painting of Barred Owl

Tree Whisperer
8x6 Oil on panel 
©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Since I only occasionally hear  the owls at night, I go to Lowry Nature Center in Waconia for their Raptors in The Yard program to  learn and observe. They care for several injured raptors that are unable to be released back into the wild and hold educational programs each month. 

I love the barred owl. She is always so calm and serene. Quietly watching those of us that gather round for a chance to learn more of her.


December 11, 2017

Winter Wisdom - Owl painting by Deb Kirkeeide

Winter Wisdom | 8x8 Oil | $550 framed | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Winter carries wisdom to be discovered as we settle in to the still time of the year.
This beautiful owl reflects the cool, quiet colors of winter as it sits in the snowy aerie. 

This piece is floated in a simple natural finished 2 inch deep frame. Shown here in a grouping of simliar paintings.  (all are available)

December 10, 2017

Black Beauty | 6x6 Oil | $220 | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

This little one has me seriously thinking of how fun it might be to have a studio bunny! Well, maybe.
Someday. For now I'll be content with the wild bunnies that live under my deck.

But isn't this one cute? I love how she turned out.

(And no messes to clean up after )

November 28, 2017

"Doodle" - Dog Portrait by Deb Kirkeeide

Doodle  |  6x6 Oil |  Framed $300

 This guyis ready to play! Doodle is currently holding court at the Minnetonka Center For The Arts  - Art for the Holidays exhibition and sale. If you are in the area, please stop in for unique and delightful gifts of art this Holiday. 

If you are interested in this little one, please contact me and I will see what if it is still available. 

 Wouldn't this be fun in a baby's room?  (Suggested framing and display inspiration)


For your own dog (or pet) portrait,  
I am available for commissions and offer 
gift certificates for gift giving as well. 

Both are available with a small framed message 
so you can have something to wrap.
Please contact me for more information.

October 22, 2017

DOGS - an Exhibit B Gallery and National Dog Show Charities Event


Adopt a painting and help a rescue find a home. 
October 27, 2017 through October 29, 2017 
Exhibit B Gallery 105 N Main Street, Souderton  PA

I Only Have Eyes For You
6X6 Oil

All You Need Is Love 
6x6 Oil

These two are headed east to be included in Exhibit B Gallery's show DOGS. The gallery is teaming up with National Dog Show Charities to benefit Dog Town Rescue as part of The National Dog Show.

October 3, 2017

First Glimpse of Autumn - Plein Air Landscape painting Deb Kirkeeide

First Glimpse of Autumn | 6 x 8 Oil | $200 | ©Deb Kirkeeide
I recently had a chance to visit the most magical, inspiring and beautiful place in Minnesota - Grand Marais, MN along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

I, of course, brought my paints and was able to capture a bit of the fall colors  just starting to emerge. As it happened, the Grand Marais Plein Air  competition was happening at the same time and painters were in abundance along the shore, the woods and around the time. I didn't participate, but I enjoyed talking to other artists and visiting with the curious passerby.

Best of all I visited with dear friends, spent my time painting and slept throught the chilly nights with my windows wide open, listening to the waves along the shore.


First Glimpse of Autumn and other landscape paintings are available on my website.

As always, thank you for your interest and support of my art!

October 1, 2017

Dream Keeper - Barred Owl Original Wildlife Painting by Deb Kirkeeide

Dreamkeeper | 8x8 Oil | $550 | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

This beautiful bird is a resident of the Lowry Nature Center in Waconia, MN as part of the University of MN Raptor Center. She was injured some years ago and is blind in one eye and cannot be released back into the wild. She is now an educator in the Raptors in the Yard program.

The day I was there she sat on her perch, very serene and calm and was pretty curious about me as I snapped pictures of her. She's a pro!

The King | 12 x 12 Oil | $850
The Wanderer | 8 x 8 Oil | $550

Dream Keeper, The King and The Wanderer were juried into the Kelley Gallery Small Works Show this year. If you are in the area - stop by!

Exhibition and Sale dates: Oct 13, 2017 – Oct 29, 2017
Artist Reception: October 13, 2017 from 5-9pm

If you are interested in any of these paintings please contact myself or the Gallery 

September 5, 2017

Dog Days of Summer - Old Man Mav - Black Pug Pet Portrait

Old Man Mav | 6x6 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Mav is a black pug who is quickly becoming rather white in his old age. His loves to eat. Hates getting his feet wet. And his favorite sport is curling up on your lap under a blanket!

August 29, 2017

Dog Days of Summer - Gracie Lou - Jack Russel Dog Portrait

Gracie Lou | 6x6 | ©Deb Kirkeeide

Gracie is the the other half of the duo, Gracie and Wefos. (I painted Wefos' portrait a few days ago)
She is loving, feisty and quite frankly I think she's the boss and Wefos will pretty much agree with anything Gracie decides.

Together, these two are the stars of my daughter's life and also of the site Tail Travelers
Sharing their adventures and hopefully provide some inspiration for your next journey with your beloved companion.

If you ever have any questions about pet friendly travel, Krista and pups would be happy to offer some suggestions.

You can also follow them on Instagram @tailtravelers and while you're there, follow me! @debkirkeeide

August 27, 2017

Dog Days of Summer - Pretty Boy Tucker - Golden Retriever Pet Portrait

Pretty Boy Tucker | 6x6 Oil | sold | ©Deb Kirkeeide

Tucker is a lover with big soulful eyes. All he asks is for your love in return. He's a sweetie for sure.

Tucker and his mom are getting ready for Goldzilla - to raise money for Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota. (RAGOM) The money supports their mission of rescuing and rehoming Golden Retrievers and Golden Mixes of all ages. Donations help with veterinary and foster care on their way to finding adoptive homes.  If you feel you would like to donate you can do so here.

More information on commissioning a portrait of your favorite companion on my website.

August 23, 2017

Dog Days of Summer - Millie, Patiently Waiting - Pet Portrait

Millie, Patiently Waiting | 6x6 Oil | ©Deb Kirkeeide

Young Millie patiently waited while her humans visited with their friends. It appeared that there were other more interesting things she'd rather be investigating.

Continuing this little series of dogs to celebrate the dog days of summer has been a fun exercise  in painting and capturing those loveable doggies we all know and love. Some are random dogs I've met  on my outings and some are created for some loving humans of that special pup in their life.

Have you got a special dog who holds a special place in your heart? If you would like to honor your special relationship you can find more information on commissioning a special portrait here.

This one is available for purchase $185

August 20, 2017

Dog Days of Summer "Sweet Wefos" Dog Portrait

Sweet Wefos | 6x6 Oil | Sold

This little portrait is of Wefos who is one of the sweetest dogs I know. She loves swimming, runs on the beach, catching snowflakes in winter and chasing reflections. She definitely lives in her own little world. And when she looks at you with those big brown eyes, you can't help but fall in love with her!

If you are looking for a portrait of your own sweet pet, please contact me ( and let me answer your questions! I also have information on pricing and policy on my website.

August 16, 2017

Dog Days of Summer - "All You Need Is Love" - Dog Portrait by Deb Kirkeeide

"Love Is All You Need" | 6x6 | Oil 
This sweet boy reminds me of one of my favorite shows as a kid - The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. (That and Lassie.) I loved those dogs and daydreamed of my very own dog that would follow me everywhere and take care of me when I got into trouble!

It turns out the original Rin Tin Tin was rescued from the battlefield during WWI by an American soldier, Lee Duncan, who nicknamed him "Rinty"and went on to become an international movie star and appeared in 27 Hollywood films. Rin Tin Tin was responsible for greatly increasing the popularity of German Shepherd dogs as family pets.

Quite a career and legacy!

Consider giving a rescue dog a home - All you need is Love!

Have you got a special dog who holds a special place in your heart? If you would like to honor your special relationship you can find more information on commissioning a special portrait here.

August 13, 2017

Garden Variety - Geranium Floral Oil Painting

Garden Variety | 6x6 Oil | ©2017 | SOLD
A little geranium sketch from my flower garden. 

One that hasn't mysteriously disappeared by way of a certain woodchuck that keeps snacking on my flowers!

Caught in the act!

July 23, 2017

Standing In Stillness - Great Blue Heron Wildlife Painting

Standing in Stillness | 16 x 20 | Oil | 1600.00

There is something serene and peaceful about herons. In summer I look forward to seeing them standing along the water's edge of our many lakes.

A few years ago, I seemed to see them everywhere and for fun looked up what symbolic meanings they might have.

The Heron is considered a symbol of balance and patience. Able to be surefooted on the ground and fly gracefully through the sky. they explore quietly and slowly along the shorelines, waiting for opportunities. 

As a spirit animal, Heron represents learning to walk in deep waters with no fear and will stand on their own two feet keeping their balance at all times. 

I had a great time painting this and have another heron in the works. (stay tuned!) In the meantime if you would like to add this to your collection the purchase info is here.

Have a great day!

June 13, 2017

Follow the Horizon - Flying Barn Owl Painting

Follow the Horizon | 16 x 20 x 1.5 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Ah, those wonderful, magical, mysterious owls! My current obsession. And evidently one I've had since I was young.

Like all great mothers, mine held on to a lot of my artwork from school and I've discovered owls were a favorite subject matter even then. Come to think of it, a lot of things I am drawn to even now, are the very things I loved as a kid. Somehow, between then and now, I forgot them - or maybe became distracted by other things. Things that I thought I should be interested in because everyone else was.

I'm glad I've gotten back to my roots. It just feels right.

* Painting is currently unframed.
For more information please visit my website.

June 8, 2017

Davis: The King - A royal rooster portrait!

Davis: The King | 12 x 12 Oil | ©Deb Kirkeeide

Most Saturdays, my daughter volunteers her time providing love, care, conversation and cuddles with the rescue animals at Ching Farm | Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Utah. This rather formal rooster portrait was inspired by her favorite rooster, Davis, who she says struts loud and proud around the barnyard. 

It wasn't until after I painted this that I found out his name. Since he had a penchant for vocalizing and having a royal attitude, I started referring to him as Elvis, The King. But Davis it is and as my daughter pointed out, I was only 2 letters off - not bad considering all the names I could have chosen!

Davis: The King | 12 x 12 Oil | $750 Purchase Here

June 4, 2017

Fun En Plein Air!

Apple Orchard | 9x12 | ©Deb Kirkeeide | Available Here

A funny thing happened on the way home from the winery...

Over the weekend our plein air group - Outdoor Painters of Minnesota - gathered to paint at one our favorite venues, Parley Lake Winery. The winery focuses on creating a wine and art experience and their award winning wines are delicious. Who would have thought we'd have a wine region here in Minnesota!

It was a fun day of painting, celebrating and making new friends. And we had live music and even easel-side wine service! What more can you ask for?

"So where are the paintings?" you ask.
Well, I painted two - a fun quick study of the horses in morning light. They didn't hang around long enough to finish the painting but I did like the quick study in it's abstract color and shapes.
My second was a view of the pasture and rollings hills. 

At the end of the day I carried my gear and paintings back to the car. I (now) remember setting the paintings on top of the car while I loaded everything in. And yes, you guessed it, I forgot I had put them there and drove home. They were long gone by then. I'm pretty sure they are laying in the dirt somewhere.

C'est la vie! It was still a good day!

May 25, 2017

Happy Hoilday! It's the Start of Summer!

Along The North Shore | 10 x 20 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Up North!
Memorial Weekend, our unofficial start of summer has arrived. Many Minnesotans start the first of their many summer migrations to their lake cabins "Up North". 

My favorite destination is along the North Shore of Lake Superior near the Canadian border. I am in total peace in this magical area. 

There are many places to pull over and explore the shore and this painting is from one such spot. Just looking at this, I can still feel the cool lake breezes, hear the gentle lap of the waves and watch the gulls overhead as light dance across the water

I think it's time to plan a visit back! 

Memorial Weekend 
This weekend's significance often gets overlooked in the excitement of a long weekend. For those who have served and sacrificed for this country, I thank you. Protecting our freedom is one thing that contributes to the continued opportunity to enjoy this beautiful country as we do.

This piece isn't framed yet but I've included an example of how great it will look when it is. 

If you are interested in the framing, let me know, I can take care of that for you.

Along The North Shore | Unframed
$875.00 Purchase

Happy Memorial Weekend!

May 23, 2017

After the rain, comes a little sun!

Sunny | 6x6 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Today we have sunshine! 

After a weekend of endless rain, it is nice to see the sun again!
As I mentioned in my last post, sunflowers are always a spot of brightness for me on grey days.

Sunny - Framed - $350 Purchase here.

Framing is shown to the left.
Wouldn't this make a great companion piece to my other sunflower painting, Girasole Piccolo?

Have a great day!

May 21, 2017

HAPPY MONDAY | The Glory of Flowers, Collections and Reflections

Girasole Piccolo | 6x6 | Oil on Panel | ©2017

"Girasole Piccolo"- Little Sunflower
I've noticed over the years that I have "collections".  I don't make a conscious decision to collect, but this is a discovery that there are certain symbols that have a strong presence in my surroundings without my realizing. One of these is the sunflower.

It dawned on me one day that I have more than just an inclination to paint them, but they are present in my home. I have a beautiful mosaic mirror that I bought from an artist during a visit to Chicago one year. It simply spoke to me with it's beautiful shape and sunny colors. 

I also have a shrine in my studio that holds collected treasures of stones, feathers, twigs and ornaments. That have meaning to me. It holds a beautiful, carved Goddess watching over me and my creative endeavors. Unknown to me when I got home I realized  it was actually carved to represent a sunflower. 

Symbolically, the sunflower reminds us of the sun. A symbol of hope and optimism. I know certainly feel more energetic and happy when the sun is out in full force! 

And then there is the raven. And the birds that I am so drawn to paint? I'll expand on that on another day!

We surround themselves with elements that are pleasing and attractive to us.  It  is a reflection of our sense of identity and at a deeper level encompasses the wider aspects of our psyche.

What about you? What do you collect? What are the symbols of your life?

Girasole Piccolo - Framed - $350 Purchase here.

Have a sunny, happy day!

May 14, 2017


 Bashful | 6x6 Oil | ©Deb Kirkeeide

This painting is of one of the shy visitors who co-habit my yard. (and living beneath my deck)
This little bunny would probably fit comfortably in my hand, but I'm seeing her more and more as she experiments with her independence. It seemed only a few weeks ago that I saw what I assume to be her parents, cavorting around my yard. as it turns out, the gestation period for rabbits is only 31 days! No wonder they are so prolific!

I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to watch my woodland visitors from my studio window and I try to have my camera ready for any opportunities to record their visits. I have bunnies, racoons, chipmunks, squirrels, a lot of birds, the occasional deer and just the other day, a woodchuck who had ventured onto my screen porch! Note to self: must get that screen door fixed.

Bashful | 6x6 Oil | $185 | Purchase Here

May 4, 2017

Three Amigos - Wild Bird Painting by Deb Kirkeeide

Three Amigos | 6 x 12 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Three Amigos  SOLD

These little guys showed up together and hung out on my deck one day. I love being able to watch them go about their business from the windows in my studio.

Speaking of my studio, I've been busy cleaning and preparing for the annual Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour May 6-7  

I'll have new paintings and a few mixed media 3 dimensional pieces that I've had fun creating.
If you are in this area please stop by!

Oh! And I created all the branding and graphics for the tour. It's been a busy winter!

May 1, 2017

Happiness - Original Floral Painting by Deb Kirkeeide

Happiness | 6x6 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Aren't flowers just happiness?

This is another small floral painted from a bouquet that's been sitting on my desk. They really do just make me smile!

Happiness | 185.00 | Purchase here.

May Flowers - Floral Painting - Deb Kirkeeide

May Flowers | 6x6 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

With all the April rain (and snow) we've gotten here in Minnesota, Spring has made her appearance with green returning to the landscape. And of course flowers are starting to make an appearance and I can't resist their blooms of color!

I love how soothing this turned out with it's creamy soft colors. I hope the flowers are blooming where you are!

May Flowers | unframed | 185.00

And for something a little different.... 

Eva's Puffins | 12 x 12 oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

I painted this for my favorite 4 year old's birthday. My granddaughter Eva turns 4 today and she said she wanted a puffin painting! (Among other subjects!)
My tradition is to make some art for her each birthday. I think it will be fun to see how her tastes evolve over the years to come!

April 28, 2017

Eyes The Color of Sunrise - Snowy Owl Painting by Deb Kirkeeide

Eyes the Color of Sunrise | 8x8 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Some time ago, I read a story about the Snowy Owl and how it came to have white wings, golden eyes and a scratchy voice. The color of the owl's eyes came about by being enamored with the rising sun. It stared so long into the sun, its eyes turned golden.

I'm not sure of the origin of the story but it came to mind after I finished the painting. It seemed fitting!
Occasionally I hear these owls have wandered from the tundra as far south as Minnesota and Wisconsin. I hope I get to see one of these beautiful birds someday.

This painting is unframed.

April 8, 2017

Hello, Mistress Butterfly - Whimsical Fox and Butterfly Portrait - Deb Kirkeeide

Hello, Mistress Butterfly | 12 x 12 x 1.5 Oil | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide
This whimsical fox portrait came back home from a fox exhibition at True North Gallery in Massachusetts. This one was a lot of fun to paint and I love the soft greys and warm oranges and yellows.
I think this would be a wonderful addition to a nursery or child's room.  Or anywhere you would like to add a bit of fun to the room.

Hello, Mistress Butterfly  |  600.00 free SH | Purchase Here

February 15, 2017

The Wanderer - Wildlife Falcon Painting

I find birds a bit mystical. Representing a certain freedom, they fascinate me and are fun to paint.
And as with most animals that seem to show up often on my radar, I look for the symbolism in their presence.

Must be the Shaman in me. :)

This is a Peregrine Falcon. The word Peregrine also means Wanderer.
I see it as offering the symbols of resilience and hope. Having once been on the brink of extinction due to pesticides, the Peregrine has made a comeback due to recovery efforts and pesticide banning. May it continue to thrive.

Most of the symbolism I found was written about the Kestrel, which is the smallest member of the falcon family. But if you are curious for more, I found this writing on Kestrels by Ina Woolcott on the site called Shamanic Journey. 


 The Wanderer | 8x8 Oil | $350   Available for purchase here.

February 12, 2017

Autumn's Bounty  -  Plein Air Painting Apples on the Tree

Autumn's Bounty | 6x8 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Fresh apples right on the tree! A plein air painting from a paint-out at Sovereign Estate Wineries in Waconia Minnesota. Who said you had to go to the coast for great wine? What a beautiful winery.

We spent the day painting on the grounds and of course sampled their fine wines and a good food.
What a perfect day!

Autumn's Bounty
6x8 Oil Framed
$400 + SH Purchase here

February 7, 2017

Ever Green - Minnesota plein air landscape

Ever Green | 6x8 Oil on Linen | Framed | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

While taking advantage of our beautiful fall weather this past fall, this little tree on the hill caught my eye. Like a pretty dancer with her skirts a-twirl, the little evergreen dances against a backdrop of beautiful fall color.

Painted in Carver Park Reserve, Waconia, MN

This painting is framed and ready for your space. The framed size is 11.25 x 13.25
Available for your purchase here.

January 31, 2017

Flower Face - Barn Owl Wildlife Painting

After taking a step back to enjoy the holidays and the slow time of January, I'm back! I truly believe it is beneficial to lean into the slow time and natural rhythm of January's winter.

I'm feeling inspired, rested and excited to see what is next.

I haven't been completely dormant. I've been painting and exploring new avenues of creativity by trying my hand in the  3 dimensional avenue of assemblage art which was great fun. I hope to share at another time. Painting is still my passion but I think it is really good to step out of my box and stretch those creative muscles. I have lots of ideas so I will have to see where it will all go.

As I was painting this sweet little barn owl, I was reminded of the story in Welsh mythology of the Welsh Goddess Blodeuwedd who was fashioned from flowers by two great magicians, who gave her life and gave her to a man she'd never met. Having no say in the matter, she grew to greatly dislike him and long for her freedom. Taking a lover she plotted to take her husbands life and when she fled she was cursed by one of the magicians and turned into an owl as punishment.

In Welsh, Blodeuwedd, meaning "Flower-face", is a name for the owl.

Flower Face SOLD