December 30, 2007

Happy birthday, Happy New Year daily painting

A birthday cake in honor of Micah (Daily Painters Gallery founder) whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday Micah.
And as we prepare to welcome the new year, I hope your year will be filled with much joy and all things wonderful.

Happy Birthday Cupcake
6x8 oil on canvas panel

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December 27, 2007

Sun in a Vase

I've been tagged!
Actually I have been tagged twice, so I will mention both taggers. First I was tagged by Brendy Vaughn and I have been so slow in answering that I have been tagged a second time by Diane Whitehead. So here goes.....

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
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Some fun facts about me

1. My oldest daughter will soon be turning thirty which I find pretty amazing since I am only 39....:)

2. I used to design "Santa Lands" and decor for shopping malls across the country.

3. I have credits on two movies - one for designing the credits.

4. When I was twelve I spent 6 weeks in the hospital and 6 weeks recovering at home due to a collision with a small tree while sledding. Lessons learned....don't sled around trees and 12 weeks of school can be made up in 3 weeks.

5. I still hold the title for Women's high average and high series for bowling in the annual post house Bowl-a-Rama. WooHoo!

I would like to tag these artists
Liza Hirst
Neda Doany
Heidi Mallot
Sue O'Kieffe
Debbie Lincoln

Sun In A Vase
18 x 24 Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
$750 + $20 S/H

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December 22, 2007

Winter Solstice - landscape

Today is winter solstice. A time that has long been celebrated as the birth of the sun, of light, of life. We have reached that turning point where our daylight hours will grow longer and I'm always in favor of more daylight.

Alyson Stanfield recently talked about celebrating our accomplishments for the year. Designating a special time to acknowledge all that we have done that has moved us forward. She had some good reminders to ask ourselves as artists what we have accomplished this past year. It came at a good time for me as I sometimes think my path as an artist seems very slow at timesand get frustrated at what seems like its snail's pace. I feel very much the late bloomer and more like a sophomore in my learning progression in regards to being an artist.

When I sat down and started listing all that I had accomplished this year I indeed had much to celebrate. My list was long - but in abbreviated form here goes - I started my website, my blog, became an artist in Daily Painters Gallery, I started selling my work - have sold 17 paintings so far, I got my business cards printed, finally wrote my bio and statement, have painted well over a hundred paintings, attended a weeklong plein air workshop - paid for it with sales from my art, met a wonderful online community of artists, one group show, one juried show, started talking about myself as an artist to others, have dicovered many new artitsts, have taken two classes - on marketing my art and becoming more organized for my business...just to list a few ....And I have done all this on top of my full time job as a designer. So yes I have accomplished much and I have much more to come and have many goals and ideas for the upcoming year. So, here I am, celebrating and doing my happy dance!

In many ways it seems like Winter Solstice would be the logical time for the new year to start. We have reached that turning point in the season where the sun will grow stronger, warmer, bringing the promise and hope of spring and summer after winding down the previous years cycle of seasons and life. A time for transformation and renewal - it just seems fitting. To all of you that I have met along the way, who have honored me with your comments, friendships and knowledge, have added my paintings to your collections and have supported me on this journey - I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all good things. May your days be merry and bright!

Winter Solstice is also World Peace Day. Every day should be that.

Winter Solstice
8x6 oil on canvas panel
$145 + $12 SH

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December 19, 2007

First Snow

This is one of those first snows that happen early in the mountains. I personally love it when it snows. The land becomes hushed and so peaceful. Definitely a magical time.

First Snow
8x6 oil on archival panel
$100 + $12 S/H

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December 17, 2007

Mission Carmel Bell Tower

I visited the Mission at Carmel a few years ago and thought it was really a beautiful mission and stone structure. It is very quaint, beautifully restored and has beautiful gardens in the courtyard and is just a nice place to be in. Very peaceful. Which, of course, is common for most places of spiritual worship I would think. There are just areas we find along the way that hold this kind of energy. The places that just feel right and bring a sense of calm with it. Julia Cameron talks about ley lines in her books. Ley lines are characterized by the spiritual sites found along their lengths particularly at their intersections. Often being the location of sacred shrines of many beliefs throughout the ages.
Funny how telling the simple story of a painting of a bell tower can lead to this direction of thought. But then that's where we find our inspiration - in those places where we find our calm and are able to listen.

Carmel Mission Bell Tower
6x8 oil on canvas panel
$145 + $12 S/H

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December 16, 2007

Pear, Persimmon and Pomegranate - Still Life Painting

This painting is similar to an earlier post - Autumn Trio Same trio in a different setting and I have to say they do look nice hanging together!

Pear Persimmon and Pomegranate
12 x 12 oil on stretched canvas
$250 + $15 SH

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December 10, 2007

It's time for mistletoe and holly...daily oil painting

Oh by gosh, by's time for mistletoe and holly.....I can't help singing this song when I look at this. I bought some holly this weekend. It really is so gorgeous, which is very contradictory to it's prickly leaves. I was painting this and feeling a little underwhelmed with ihow it was turning out, so I decided to try my pallette knife. Something I haven't really tried much for painting, as it feels so awkward. But I ended up having such fun and I really like how it turned out. It was very freeing! Everyone should try it.

6x8 oil on panel
$100 + $12 SH

December 9, 2007

Visiting Santa

When I was little my Mom would dress us up and we would go downtown to the big department store to see Santa. The line to Santa would wind through this magical fantasy land. Trees with lights, snow on the floor, some elves and reindeer to give the illusion that we were at the North Pole going to see Santa. After we saw Santa we would get to shop for presents in a special kid size store that mom and dad couldn't go in because they were too big. It was all so magical, especially as a kid. Later as an adult I designed these Christmas fantasy lands - designing the theme and decor, creating the animated figures to go into the displays, writing special stories. It was great fun and hard work, but I think it was one of the most satisfying jobs I've had. I miss the simplicity and the magic of this time of year that we carry as a child. I want that magical wonder and anticipation again. To just be good and wake up on Christmas morning and have things magically be there.
This painting is a reminder of one of those magical times.

Visiting Santa
8x8 oil on canvas

If interested in this or any other paintings please contact me at

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December 4, 2007

"Take A Bow" sunflower oil painting

Take A Bow
24 x 18 inches, oil on canvas

Please contact me directly if you are interested in this painting.
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December 2, 2007

Grandfather Tree #5

I have painted this tree several times. I imagine it as one of the oldest trees in my neighborhood thus the name I have given it. I love it's presence. This version is large and there is one thing I notice in painting large is that it seems like a completly different process. Everything is different, the brushstrokes demand more of a sweeping arm movement instead of a movement in the wrist. The brushes react differently and you need to mix more paint. (duh...) Something I kept forgetting to do. So given all that, the result is different than I imagined it would be. At first this bothered me. But as I have lived with this painting trying to decide if I should do more, I realize that's okay. It's how it wants to be painted this time around. It's all part of the learning process. It may not have my usual look, or be what I envisioned at first but it still embodies the essence of that tree and still makes me smile.
Grandfather Tree #5
18 x 36 inches oil on canvas

If you are interested in this painting or any others please contact me directly.

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