July 22, 2009

Maiden's Prayer

So hold your loved ones close today, whisper in their ear, Tell them how much you love them and that you'll always hold them dear. ~Norma Cornett Marek

It has been a while since I posted. In truth I have been struggling with my painting for a while. But it has also been a sad week for my family and I float in and out of tears and inner reflection that I suppose many go through when we lose someone so young.

My sister's step son has passed on from his fight with cancer. He was twelve. He was a such a great kid and in my mind a very strong and brave young man. He was smart, funny and quite the talker. My sister said he was just beginning to notice girls - he had told his mom there was a girl he thought was "hot"! I'm sure there were some girls who thought he was pretty "hot" too. He will be missed by everyone. My heart goes out to his parents, his sister, and to my sister who loved him as her own. She posted this quote the night he passed. I think it is a good reminder to tell the ones we love just how much.

The painting was inspired by a dance choreographed last season by Mia Michaels on So You think You Can Dance. (one of my favorite shows) It was danced to Ave Maria. Mia is also one of my favorites. Her choreography is so creative and inspiring and I would love to give this to her in appreciation for the gift of her art. Mia, are you out there?

Maiden's Prayer
6x8 oil on Canvas

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July 15, 2009

Gifts, Grace and Inspiration

This is Gracie. She is my daughter's dog daughter. She is full of energy, fun and personality - just like her human mom. This painting is Krista's much belated birthday gift - Happy Birthday Krista!

My gift first thing this morning was being treated to a visit from this doe and her fawn. The doe has visited a few times but this is the first time bringing the fawn. As you can tell from the picture, this little one was having fun jumping and running about, but not too far from mom. What a great way to start the day!

Grace and Inspiration
Recently I found out a childhood friend of my daughter's has been diagnosed with leukemia and I have been following her journal on Caring Bridge. In her recent post she talks about her 6 month old daughter who was born 9 weeks early and the story she whispers to her at night of the miracle that she is. She then talks about the other miracle babies in her life, whose cord blood is creating miracles in her own healing an dhow grateful she is to their parents for letting her share part of their own miracles. Through the very act of their birth they are saving lives and she hopes that someone whispers stories to them at night telling them of the miracles that they are. She asks the question - has it ever occurred to you how many lives you may have saved just by being here?
And in spite of all she is going through she states life is awesome. And she is right, it is awesome and we should celebrate it every day. Her grace in all of this inspires me.

Krista's Dog Daughter
9x12 oil on panel

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July 11, 2009


The inspiration for this painting came from a photo of my daughter with a dolphin from a few years back. I always loved that photo and a friend suggested I paint them.
And being a pushover for myth and magical beings, I just had to make her a mermaid! She has loved dolphins since she was a little girl and when I think of dolphins I think of her. She does have a little magic about her, maybe she swam with the dolphins in another lifetime!


July 7, 2009

WIPs - sketching

Works in Progress
I've got about 4 paintings going that are pretty much in sketch form. This is a new process for me. I usually just decide on what I want to paint and dive right in without really thinking it through to much. In most cases this works but in those cases where I hit the wall trying to correct a bad start I thought it would be helpful to take my time in working out the details. (What a concept, eh?) And I've really just in the mood to do this - I keep getting ideas of what I want to paint and I want to get them down before I forget them.

I might try to keep record of my progress as I go along - again, if I remember and don't get caught up in the moment
It should be interesting for even me to see as I really don't seem to have a defined process when I paint. I'm sure the schooled artists would cringe. I've been asked a few times if I teach (and told that I should, I'd get used to it!) and I am absolutely honored that someone would want me to. But I haven't a clue - I still feel like I am learning - I sometimes think of going back to school to study art but then it might just mess me up in my efforts to conform.

So,these are two of the WIPs. Those close to me will recognize these pretty faces.
Stay tuned.

Oh! And in a bit of news, one of my paintings is being featured in Minnesota Lawyer Magazine next month. I'm likin' that!

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July 6, 2009

Angel Dreams Study

Although, I'm happy with the essence of this I'm a little iffy and would like to improve on a couple things but I do know she will reincarnate on another canvas. This after all was a study and this is a painting a day (in theory) so here it is. I do love love love the texture of this one and want to do more work using a palette knife. It's really kind of fun once you come up with a technique.
There is no story behind this one - maybe it will come later - the ideas just pop in my head while doodling, one image leads to another and voila! An angel is born. She is looking a little "smirky" rather than angelic, perhaps next time around, although I do like the idea a mischievous angel.

Angel Dreams
8 x 16 oil on panel

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July 5, 2009

Grandfather Tree 07.05.09

Aah...the best of plans.

Here is another study of my tree. I forced it out of me to prove that I really could still paint. I think this tree would be perfect for a big old tree house. I would love that. Just me and the squirrels.

I was very excited to have three days to paint this weekend. Had lots of ideas that I wanted to finish up and to spend time exploring new ones. My muse evidently decided to take the weekend off and head to the lake. Smart gal. It is out of sheer stubbornness that I have this to show. I have one that I have started and wiped four times now. The rest, well they just didn't seem to go well. I hate when that happens. all I can say is it's a good thing I have other paintings as proof that I really can paint. In my frustration I headed to the coffee shop and spent about two hours journaling - not sure if I solved anything but I have a few hints at what is going on - I think. And perhaps at the bottom of it all is that I should have just taken a break and made some plans. So with that, I am headed to the little french bistro nearby and sitting by the lake and enjoying the rest of the day with a burger I know, not very French, but that's what I'm craving...I'll add some fries and a glass of wine to that. Salut!

Grandfather Tree 07.05.09
8x6 Oil on linen panel

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