March 22, 2019

Golden Eyes - Fox wildlife painting by Deb Kirkeeide

Golden Eyes | 10 x 10 Oil | 650.00 |©2019 Deb Kirkeeide
This summer I was so excited to have a fox visit my yard right outside my studio - three times!
This is the first time I have seen a fox in the wild and found it very appropriate that it showed up for me, as I am currently fascinated with the fox. This beauty, with the golden eyes, is a result of my current obsession.

I also had a gorgeous coyote visit a couple times too!
I always feel so honored when the animals wander through my yard.

And yes, you can probably expect a coyote or two showing up in a future post. 

March 20, 2019

Racing Towards Spring - flying barn owl painting

Sky Queen | 10 x 10 Oil | 650.00 | ©2019 DebKirkeeide
As I look out at my snow covered yard, on this first day of spring, I feel like this little owl carries the urgency of finding spring!

But I have hope! I can feel it in the changing light, in the morning bird song returning and a feeling a little lighter in the anticipation of warmer temps and color returning to the landscape.

Oh, happy day!

This beauty is available and awaiting your gaze here.

I'm going to celebrate Spring by going out and buying myself some flowers - and quite possibly immortalizing them in paint!

How about you? How are you celebrating Spring?