February 15, 2017

The Wanderer - Wildlife Falcon Painting

I find birds a bit mystical. Representing a certain freedom, they fascinate me and are fun to paint.
And as with most animals that seem to show up often on my radar, I look for the symbolism in their presence.

Must be the Shaman in me. :)

This is a Peregrine Falcon. The word Peregrine also means Wanderer.
I see it as offering the symbols of resilience and hope. Having once been on the brink of extinction due to pesticides, the Peregrine has made a comeback due to recovery efforts and pesticide banning. May it continue to thrive.

Most of the symbolism I found was written about the Kestrel, which is the smallest member of the falcon family. But if you are curious for more, I found this writing on Kestrels by Ina Woolcott on the site called Shamanic Journey. 


 The Wanderer | 8x8 Oil | $350   Available for purchase here.

February 12, 2017

Autumn's Bounty  -  Plein Air Painting Apples on the Tree

Autumn's Bounty | 6x8 Oil | ©2017 Deb Kirkeeide

Fresh apples right on the tree! A plein air painting from a paint-out at Sovereign Estate Wineries in Waconia Minnesota. Who said you had to go to the coast for great wine? What a beautiful winery.

We spent the day painting on the grounds and of course sampled their fine wines and a good food.
What a perfect day!

Autumn's Bounty
6x8 Oil Framed
$400 + SH Purchase here

February 7, 2017

Ever Green - Minnesota plein air landscape

Ever Green | 6x8 Oil on Linen | Framed | ©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

While taking advantage of our beautiful fall weather this past fall, this little tree on the hill caught my eye. Like a pretty dancer with her skirts a-twirl, the little evergreen dances against a backdrop of beautiful fall color.

Painted in Carver Park Reserve, Waconia, MN

This painting is framed and ready for your space. The framed size is 11.25 x 13.25
Available for your purchase here.