January 31, 2017

Flower Face - Barn Owl Wildlife Painting

After taking a step back to enjoy the holidays and the slow time of January, I'm back! I truly believe it is beneficial to lean into the slow time and natural rhythm of January's winter.

I'm feeling inspired, rested and excited to see what is next.

I haven't been completely dormant. I've been painting and exploring new avenues of creativity by trying my hand in the  3 dimensional avenue of assemblage art which was great fun. I hope to share at another time. Painting is still my passion but I think it is really good to step out of my box and stretch those creative muscles. I have lots of ideas so I will have to see where it will all go.

As I was painting this sweet little barn owl, I was reminded of the story in Welsh mythology of the Welsh Goddess Blodeuwedd who was fashioned from flowers by two great magicians, who gave her life and gave her to a man she'd never met. Having no say in the matter, she grew to greatly dislike him and long for her freedom. Taking a lover she plotted to take her husbands life and when she fled she was cursed by one of the magicians and turned into an owl as punishment.

In Welsh, Blodeuwedd, meaning "Flower-face", is a name for the owl.

Flower Face SOLD