January 8, 2012

"Black As Night. Raven's Flight."

"Black As Night. Raven's Flight."
18 x 18 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year fulfills every hope, dream and promise for you.
I certainly didn't mean to be away this long, it amazes me how time gets filled with so many things. Maybe I just have too many things in the works! This and a couple other paintngs have been in the works for some time and have gone through several evolutions, one reason they have taken so long I suppose.

I was looking at this painting and a few of my other bird paintings and noticed many are all flying in the same direction. Interesting. (I wonder where they are all going?) But it reminded me of a comment one of my previous employers made many years ago "complaining" that all my animals were left handed.

I hadn't realized animals were left or right handed. 

Apparently being left handed myself, the drawings faced the wrong direction for their purpose of becoming a novelty brooch that you would be wearing, which evidently etiquette calls for wearing
on your right side. I think that is discrimination against all of us left handers!

If interested in this painting please email me at kirkeeide@mac.com