October 21, 2014

Show Off - peacock painting

Show Off
6x6 Oil/Linen
©2014 Deb Kirkeeide

Male peacocks are amazing. And quite the showoffs. On a visit to an aviary I came across a male peacock casually strolling the grounds. One minute, Mr Cool, quite aloof to his audience. In the next, he was strutting his stuff, in full regalia, seemingly showing off and quite impressed with himself.

This is another little study that may become a larger piece.

October 19, 2014

Two Hens

Two Hens
6 x 6 Oil
©2014 Deb Kirkeeide

A little warm up for a possible larger painting. These two look like they're in quiet pause after running out of conversation. Or maybe just contemplating where in the barnyard  they will go next.