December 28, 2012

Winter's Eve

Winter's Eve
9x12 Oil on Linen
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

Having had a quiet house and some time to myself on Christmas Eve, I put on some Christmas music and painted this. We had a beautiful snow fall a couple weeks ago and this is my version of some of the beauty from that. In reality these trees have houses tucked in and around them but I opted to leave them out. It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon and evening.

December 4, 2012

Oak On The Hill - SOLD

Oak On The Hill
12 x 12 Oil on Panel
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

This is a painting I did this summer at one of our plein air events. I just have never posted it. I think
I've forgotten to post a few, so there may be more showing up.

November 29, 2012

Whooo's Down there? - SOLD

Whooo's Down There?
8x8 Oil on Linen Panel

©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

A pretty little Barn Owl. I love these owls! They don't make Minnesota their home so I have only seen them at an aviary.

November 26, 2012


6x8 Oil on Linen
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

As promised, here is Henry. He's a very proud rooster and the love of Edna's life! Don't they make a handsome couple?


November 25, 2012

"Dame Edna" - SOLD

Dame Edna
6x8 Oil on Linen
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

I've been wanting to paint this lovely lady for some time now. I met her and a few of her friends this summer while painting in the plein air competition in Shakopee. She and the others were tucked away on one of the barns. Tomorrow I will introduce you to Henry, her not-so-secret lover. They make a lovely couple.

October 31, 2012

October 21, 2012

North Shore Fishing Shack - Minnesota landscape by Deb Kirkeeide

North Shore Fishing Shack
10 x 20 Oil 
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

This summer I spent some time painting on the North Shore of Lake Superior. I always love my visits to this magical place. It's really one of those places that just fills my spirit.

I always meant to come down to this spot and paint it in person, unfortunately I didn't get back there. This is from a photo I took while walking one evening. Maybe next year I'll get back to this spot and paint this view from the live model.

North Shore Fishing Shack
$600 unframed

October 19, 2012

Jay Bird in Blue

Jay Bird In Blue
14 x 7.5 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

In spite of their noisy and mischievous presence, I love that bright flash of blue when these birds show up. I had, what I assumed was a young and curious "teen" in my yard one day as I arrived home. He quickly flew up to the safety of an overhead branch to observe me as I walked up the walk and deciding I wasn't much of a threat, flew down and landing in front of me and stood there looking checking me out and just begging for a photo session. (Another reason to carry my camera with me at all times!) He of course was gone by the time I got in the house and grabbed my camera.

October 4, 2012

Red Breasted Show Off - Robin painting by Deb Kirkeeide SOLD

Red breasted showoff
sings among the branches bare
I sip my coffee
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

There are many early mornings when I sit on my porch with my coffee listening to the birds greet the day. With so many already gone, the mornings are pretty quiet. In either case I find it very inspiring to sit in the quiet of morning and listen to nature.

I've had it in my mind to write Haiku to go along with my paintings. Should be easy right, Deb?
Not so much. But maybe if I keep practicing it will get easier. This was my first attempt.

I so admire writers.

Enjoy the day!

October 1, 2012

Black Bird in Golden Light

Black Bird in Golden Light  14 x 16 Oil SOLD
Autumn has arrived and the colors here are at their peak. This is my absolute favorite time of year.
Sadly, with autumn, many of the birds I have enjoyed watching from my studio have dwindled to just a few lingering chickadees and nuthatches. However, the squirrels have been very entertaining with all their winter preparations.

In the spirit of autumn, this raven reflects the blues of the sky and the golden light of autumn.

September 19, 2012

Autumn on the River - plein air landscape by Deb Kirkeeide

"Autumn on the River"
9 x 12 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

My thoughts keep wandering to the west. This is the time of the year I would be in Wyoming painting but unfortunately it wasn't to be this year and I miss it.
This painting was from last year's trip. A couple of us set up on (and in) the river to paint one day. I always seem to be drawn to these complicated subjects - this fallen Aspen no exception. After realizing I was "thinking" too much I decided to just let loose and go for it. It's very loose but to me it tells the story and reminds of that beautiful day with good friends and good times. What more can you ask for?

Autumn on the River

September 18, 2012

I Sing To The Moon - original raven painting by Deb Kirkeeide

I Sing To the Moon  8x8 Oil SOLD
Ravens and the moon have been on my mind lately. Of course with my fondness for ravens
that should come as no surprise. I also have some bigger pieces in the works along that same theme,
so look for those coming up.

With both subjects wrapped in mystery and magic, this one would make a nice little piece for  the coming All Hollows Eve!

This one is painted on a maple panel and is ready to hang with or without a frame.

August 28, 2012

Ursa Major - Wildlife Bear Original Painitng

Ursa Major
15 x 23 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

Another bear that projects an entirely different feeling. The last one loose and whimsical, this one
with a quiet more serious mood. 

I'm still exploring different techniques and textures and I love how in the process of painting, no matter how much you think you have a preconceived idea in your head, somehow the piece itself dictates the outcome.

August 24, 2012

Living in Technicolor - Black Bear wildlife painting

Living in Technicolor
16 x 12 Oil on Linen
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

I had fun playing with color and texture on this one. He looks quite happy sitting among the dandelions! I think this one may reincarnate someday into a large scale version. What do you think?

Living in Technicolor
$650 unframed 

August 9, 2012

'Frederick' - Minnesota River Arts Plein Air

8 x 8 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

Frederick was a young steer who was tied up outside one of the houses at The Landing for
education day. He wasn't a very cooperative model as he kept moving in all directions. So this amounts to a very quick study of him before the park was filled with large groups of kids. 

Each group was guided through the park and taught what day to day life was like in the mid to late 1800s. The best comment I heard from one of these kids was "they sure painted a lot back then!" I guess he assumed all of the painters were part of this museum!


August 2, 2012

O'Connor House - Minnesota River Arts Plein Air

The O'Connor House
9 x 12 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide
Another view of the previous house but from the front. I was really drawn to this house and I'm pretty sure it was the color that pulled me in. What with all the green we tend to have all summer, it's nice to see some nice warm color against it.

July 30, 2012

On The Sunny Side - Minnesota River Arts Plein Air landscape

On The Sunny Side
9 x 12 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

Saturday was the culmination of the plein air event at the first annual Minnesota River Arts Fair. This painting is one of two that I entered into the culminating show and competition. It was a brutal
week with the weather being horrendously hot and there were some dedicated painters out there
every day. I admit it, I'm a wimp when it comes to hot weather but I managed to get in 2.25 days during the week. This was painted at the end of the first day. 

The event was held at The Landing – Minnesota River Heritage Park, in Shakopee, MN. This 88-acre living history museum depicts life in the Lower Minnesota River Valley from the 1840s–1890s with authentic 19th-century buildings, demonstrations and a scenic river trail and overlook. It was my first time visiting the park - and I only live 15 miles away! Funny how you never get out to 'site-see' in your own area!

More paintings coming up!

"On The Sunny Side"
$350.00 Purchase Here

July 24, 2012

Summer Still Life With Sunflowers

Summer Still Life with Sunflowers
12 x 16 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

A "too hot to be outside" summer day, a hand thrown vase and a bouquet of sunflowers in the studio - all the inspiration for this sunny painting. Of course these one of my favorite flowers!

The summer heat continues and I'm ever thankful for my AC though I have ventured out in this heat to participate in the plein air portion of the Minnesota River Arts Fair. It was brutally hot on our first day - though I did manage to get 3 paintings done. Between work, the heat and the rains I'm hope for the next 2 evenings to be cooperative so I can get a couple more in before we turn them on friday.

Stay cool!

Summer Still Life with Sunflowers
12 x 16 Oil
$600.00 + SH
Purchase Here

July 19, 2012

Heron in Green - SOLD

Heron in Green
12 x 16
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

I spite of my lack of posting lately, I have been painting! Some have been in the works and some were painted recently on a trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. I'll post some of the more successful paintings from that week in the days to come.

I've had a friend and fellow artist visiting from England and it's been great fun painting together, sharing ideas and cultures, visiting the art museums and galleries around here and of course, learning the fine art of tea time. (which according to my guest is anytime.) I'm excited to someday add Great Britain as a painting destination as I will now have a guide!

This heron painting has been a experiment in technique, with color, applying paint, scraping back, adding more. The process hasn't fully evolved into where it wants to settle, but I like the outcome of this one.

Thank you!

June 17, 2012

Right At Home

Right At Home
9 x 12 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

I just recently bought a couple bird feeders that I can watch from my studio window. It's really been fun to see who shows up to try out the new restaurant in town. So far mostly house wrens, chickadees, cardinals and goldfinches. Oh, and one determined chipmunk who tried really hard to reach the feeder to no avail.

I caught this guy hanging out in my flowers. He blended in so well that I almost didn't notice him.
Nature's perfect camouflage.

Right At Home 
320. Buy Here

June 10, 2012

First Signs of Spring - Oil painting of Tulips

First Signs of Spring
9 x 12 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

This should have been posted in a more timely manner and we are almost to summer!
My coworker came up to me the other day and said to "Get painting! You haven't posted since March!" Where does the time go?

This has been a crazy 6 months with all the disruptions in my house. Just when I was thinking everything was done I decided to put new flooring in my studio space, which then led to some
custom built storage and of course painting all the walls. But it is done and I'm moved back in
and getting things in place. It was worth all the disruptions and having everything moved into other parts of the house.

Here are a few pics of the space. My favorite part is all that storage. I'm still working on new lighting
but that will have to wait awhile.

'Library' area - next up a nice comfy chair

Storage, Storage Storage

as you can see there are a few new things on the easels


March 28, 2012

Barn Owl original oil painting by Deb Kirkeeide

"Barn Owl"
8 x 10 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

I love these birds! They're so beautiful. Unfortunately their territory doesn't include Minnesota and I discovered him at an aviary in Salt Lake City last year.

Purchase here.

March 26, 2012

March in French Park - Plein Aire landscape painitng

March in the Park
9x12 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

My first plein air outing  of the year. We have been having an unusually warm and early spring here. Last year this time this scene would have been frozen with a couple feet of snow.

Saturday was our monthly Outdoor Painters of Minnesota paint out. This location is at French Regional Park. The morning was very misty and grey but I found it to be a good study in greys and really enjoyed being out again communing with nature and the occasional passerby. The perfect way to spend the day.

I painted from the same spot last year in June.  Obviously a much different color palette!

Purchase March in the Park here.

February 26, 2012

Benji _Portrait of a Dog

6x8 Oil on Linen
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

This little guy is a commission I recently finished. He's such an adorable little dog.

Obviously I haven't posted in quite some time. Wow! Time flies when you have a flood in your basement! Living in a hotel for 2 weeks put a real real detour in the life's happy little schedule of events. Though it happened over a month ago it, I'm just now getting back into the swing of things. I've really missed painting. And having my house back to normal. So, in between Home Depot runs to pick out fixtures and paint and tile... I'm hoping to get art back into my life.

And well, my trips have not been limited to just Home Depot - I did throw in a few days in for a trip to sunny California to celebrate my daughter's birthday. A nice little break.

If you have a special pet you would like a painting of I would love to do this for you. For more information please contact me or go here.

January 8, 2012

"Black As Night. Raven's Flight."

"Black As Night. Raven's Flight."
18 x 18 Oil
©2012 Deb Kirkeeide

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year fulfills every hope, dream and promise for you.
I certainly didn't mean to be away this long, it amazes me how time gets filled with so many things. Maybe I just have too many things in the works! This and a couple other paintngs have been in the works for some time and have gone through several evolutions, one reason they have taken so long I suppose.

I was looking at this painting and a few of my other bird paintings and noticed many are all flying in the same direction. Interesting. (I wonder where they are all going?) But it reminded me of a comment one of my previous employers made many years ago "complaining" that all my animals were left handed.

I hadn't realized animals were left or right handed. 

Apparently being left handed myself, the drawings faced the wrong direction for their purpose of becoming a novelty brooch that you would be wearing, which evidently etiquette calls for wearing
on your right side. I think that is discrimination against all of us left handers!

If interested in this painting please email me at