December 26, 2009


This is Wufus. He has his own facebook page and lives happily in Salt Lake City, Utah with his human. Obviously, he is a very happy and extremely loved dog. I've had the pleasure of meeting Wufus (don't you love his name?) and he is a great dog to know.
My daughter commissioned me to paint this to give to her boyfriend for Christmas and now that it has been opened, I can finally post it for you all to see. It was a joy to paint.

9x19 Oil on Linen Panel

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December 24, 2009

You Better Watch Out!

This isn't your typical Santa with his turtleneck and goatee - but he's my Santa!
My Santa Daddy, that is. The model for this is my Dad. I always thought he could get a part time gig as Santa during the holidays but he's been happy just being Santa to all of us throughout the years.

I'm hoping the real Santa leaves me a snow free driveway Christmas morning. Phase one of our Christmas storm had me shoveling for a good part of the morning - and then the plow came by and buried the end again with even more - brought a tear to my eye - and not from it's beauty....

I hope you all have a wonderfully peaceful, magical and joy filled Holiday.

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December 20, 2009

Let There Be Light - Winter Solstice

I drive by this area every morning on my way to work and have seen some spectacular sunrises over it. I thought it would make a good winter solstice painting and thought I would go there this morning to capture it. The light was flat this morning and if I had wanted to paint I would have had to plant my self on a snowbank by the road - so I did the next best thing and took a picture and came home to paint. I pretty much made up the lighting in this one. It's not the winter wonderland I remember from the other morning, but I do like it and it's abstract nature.

I'm happy to see Solstice and know the daylight will be getting longer. (can't you tell already?) And I tend think of it as the New Year, which in reality, being the solar new year and all, it is. So why isn't New Years today?

Happy Solstice! Enjoy the light!

Let There Be Light
8x16 Oil on canvas panel

December 17, 2009

Dreaming....of summer days

This is an earlier piece but in light of (or lack of it) winter, I thought I'd bring out a little sunshine and color of summer.

This is one of my favorite paintings. Makes me think I should paint some flowers again - it's been a while.

A Peony for Your Thoughts
12 x12 Oil on Canvas
Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

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December 11, 2009

Hello Kitty

What a nutty week. Work, snow, sub zero craziness. Finally got a chance to paint - My one calm in icy stormy waters.
I don't have a lot to say about this one. I decided to branch out and paint some other types of pets besides dogs. Just a pretty little kitty sitting in the window basking in the sun.

Hello Kitty
8x6 Oil on Linen panel
$135.00 + 10 S/H

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December 6, 2009

Early Fall Minnehaha Creek

I've painted new ones this weekend but I can't show them yet. One is a commissioned gift so I have to wait on that. The other is not quite done, but I will post it soon. A bit different from my usual. But I've enjoyed painting it.

Here's another earlier landscape ready for adoption. This is from a bridge overlooking Minnehaha Creek. It is on a trail near my house so I walk by there often. This flows all the way from Lake Minnetonka, through Minneapolis and to the infamous Minnehaha Falls (well, infamous here, anyway) and into the Mississippi. I've heard people talking about canoeing the creek but I have yet to see enough water in it to get very far without scraping bottom.

Early Fall
8x6 Oil on Canvas Panel

Fill your walls with art!
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December 2, 2009

SunLight Basin - Landscape

I'm bringing back some earlier pieces and offering them at some Holiday Prices to help fill your walls! Think of this as my Holiday Art Adoption Event.
This is of Sunlight Basin near Cody, Wyoming. I've always liked this little painting. I love that area and this spot in particular.

Sunlight Basin
6x12 Oil on Canvas

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