July 23, 2017

Standing In Stillness - Great Blue Heron Wildlife Painting

Standing in Stillness | 16 x 20 | Oil | 1600.00

There is something serene and peaceful about herons. In summer I look forward to seeing them standing along the water's edge of our many lakes.

A few years ago, I seemed to see them everywhere and for fun looked up what symbolic meanings they might have.

The Heron is considered a symbol of balance and patience. Able to be surefooted on the ground and fly gracefully through the sky. they explore quietly and slowly along the shorelines, waiting for opportunities. 

As a spirit animal, Heron represents learning to walk in deep waters with no fear and will stand on their own two feet keeping their balance at all times. 

I had a great time painting this and have another heron in the works. (stay tuned!) In the meantime if you would like to add this to your collection the purchase info is here.

Have a great day!