July 15, 2013

Journey To Avalon

Journey to Avalon
24 x 48 Oil
©2013 Deb Kirkeeide

This painting has been a long time in the works. A couple years ago, over a couple glasses of wine,  my artist friend Diane Whitehead challenged me to try painting large.  So I took up the challenge! This is the second iteration , the first getting to a point where it was so slick with paint that it would
take no more. So I ditched it and started over. I'm just not used to painting this large and I found my arm hurt, I never seemed to mix enough paint and since it requires a different approach to get the desired results I spent a lot of time experimenting. This is my largest painting to date, and while Diane has stood on a ladder to paint her large scale paintings (12 feet!) I'm not sure I would venture too much bigger. But never say never - maybe with a personal trainer to build up my strength to make slinging those giant brushes easier!

About the title:
The Isle of Avalon plays a prominent role in many Celtic stories, including the Legends of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. My favorite version on this legend is The Mists of Avalon. Avalon, also known as Glastonbury, it has many associations to both Pagan and Christian stories. Legend claims it as a sacred site and in Celtic myth it is known as the home to an ancient and powerful goddess known as The Lady of Avalon. It is also home to the Chalice Well, a symbol to the feminine aspect of deity and it’s waters are believed to possess healing qualities.

Interestingly, one aspect of this goddess takes form as the Maiden Bridie, later know as St Brigid. She is the goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft and is often associated with the swan. It is also noted that the Isle of Avalon landscape bears the shape of a swan in flight.

The Swan indicates transformation, change and a new way of thinking, that will help you develop and grow, personally and spiritually.

The swan is the symbol for Avalon because of its representative nature in divine healing. First and foremost Avalon was a center for the healing arts and mastery over the elements. The swan represents similar mastery. They also mate for life, so there is some credence to the idea that in Avalon the partnership with the divine is eternal.

I didn't have all this in mind when I painted it but when I finished it was what showed up in my psyche. This one is framed in silver (another color, along with blue -  representative of Avalon)

Please contact me if you are interested in this one. I have entered it into an exhibition and should find out of its acceptance very soon.

July 12, 2013

Three Sisters

Three Sisters
6 x 8 Oil
$165 Purchase Here

A still life of the Peony sisters. I can't help but think of flowers as feminine entities. 

Always curious about the symbolic meaning of things, I looked them up. Of course, symbolism is subjective depending on your own experience and memories. To me these flowers epitomize femininity and beauty. I think they may be my favorite flower.

Coincidentally, I found this.

The peony also symbolized bashfulness. In Victorian times it was believed that mischievous nymphs hid in its magnificent petals. Symbolizing beauty and romance, the peony is often chosen for weddings. The same generous petals that earn them the symbolic meaning of happy marriage also earn them the symbolic meaning of compassion.

Peonies bloom during or directly after spring, they symbolize female fertility and beauty. In their full bloom, peonies have the symbolic meaning of peace. Sometimes peonies symbolize indignation.
It is the state flower of Indiana. The peony is the 12th wedding anniversary flower.

I kind of like the idea of nymphs hiding in their petals! I wonder if that's why I've seemed to misplaced a few things in my studio?

July 9, 2013

"Single" - Floral painting by Deb Kirkeeide

8 x 6 Oil
165.00 Purchase Here
©2013 Deb Kirkeeide

I seem to be on a floral kick lately. Trader Joes had some beautiful peony bouquets recently and I got a lot of modeling and enjoyment from them.

July 8, 2013


11 x 14 Oil 
©2013 Deb Kirkeeide.
This is another painting on clayboard. In my journey of experimenting the many types of painting surfaces out there, I am fascinated by how each one somehow "forces" me to paint differently. Maybe force is a strong word, let's just say it encourages new techniques and styles! For some reason clayboard wants wild and loose! At least for me. There is a lot of freedom in that.

This is a bouquet of lilacs that my neighbor so kindly let me pick from her garden.
Thank you!