May 31, 2009

3 Sisters at Naniboujou and brushes in the Brule

I spent the last 5 days on the North Shore of Lake Superior at a lodge called Naniboujou It was perfect, I read two books, went hiking, took lots of naps and walks along the shore. My room faced the lake and I could lay in bed with a perfect view of the lake and watch the sunrise each morning and listen to the waves. The weather was cool and perfect. It was hard to come home. I also painted - at least one anyway. There were three tall pines in the yard overlooking the lake - I came to call them the Three Sisters. I would have had other paintings but a funny thing happened along the Brule...there is a state park across from where I was staying and I took my painting gear over and set up on the rocks along the river trying to get a good angle of the rapids. It was windy that day but I thought I was out of the wind. One look away from the easel to get something and crash! The wind took my easel and it lay hanging over the rocks - luckily it wasn't in the river but every single one of my brushes were gone - now floating at sea in Lake Superior. I suppose a resourceful artist would have gone to the woods and got some twigs and pine needles for some makeshift brushes but I figured at that point I was lucky it wasn't me that got swept into the river. So I packed it up and drove into Grand Marais and had dinner and a glass of wine. The good news is that I now have some nice, crisp new brushes!
Here's a pic of the painting site:

Three Sisters
8x10 Oil on Linen Panel
$150 + 12 S/H

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Thanks for your visit! And a special thanks to all of you who have sent wedding congratulations. It is very much appreciated. I have always wondered why the parents are congratulated, I really had nothing to do with it. Is it congratulations for getting that kid out of the house? Or for gaining a son in my case? I'm guessing it is the latter. I have a fabulous and honorable son in law.

May 26, 2009

Wedding Gerberas

Well, I am now recovering from my daughter's wedding - I didn't know I was so tired! But what fun we had! Last minute wedding details, Girls night out, golf tournament, groom's dinner on the lake and an outdoor wedding in the park and we had fabulous weather every single day. That my friends is an accomplishment in itself given our Minnesota weather.
These are one of the centerpieces - I have nine sitting here at home so I thought I would get a practice session in before I head north for a relaxing five days of sitting on the shores of Lake Superior. I can't wait. Hopefully I'll be able to post some plein air paintings I plan to do while I'm up there.

Wedding Gerberas
$125 + 12 S/H
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May 18, 2009

Up Close and Personal

Tonight, we bring you an intimate look into the personal life of Daisy...a flower in the full bloom of her life. What inner secrets will she reveal? What is at the heart of this simple yet lovely flower? Stay tuned.

Daisy - an Intimate Portrait
6x6 Oil on canvas

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May 16, 2009

One Day in May

Well it's about time, yes?
I finally got out and painted today. Have been feeling a bit uninspired or most likely preoccupied lately with art tour and wedding preparations. The art tour is over and the wedding is next week so maybe the brain will clear for painting.
I went to the Minnesota Arboretum this morning with my sister to get inspired and take pictures. Lot's of blooming going on. I also went to a local outdoor art festival - the first of the season. Everyone was wrappped up in their down coats. It was a little chilly, but not THAT chilly! And I supported another artist. There was a pair of earrings that I could not resist. It all must have inspired me, I came home and painted this quick little study looking out from my deck - minus all the houses in the back. The tree's just about past it's peak for color so I may have helped it along a little. Just call me Mother Nature.

One Day in May - plein air
6x8 Linen board

Thanks for your visit and thanks to all of you who attended the art tour - I enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone!
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May 1, 2009

Purple Iris

The tour starts today - if you are in Minnesota out by Lake Minnetonka and want to see lots of fabulous art be sure to check it out! And check me out- Site #20

Purple Iris
5x5 Oil on canvas
$55 + 10 S/H

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