April 22, 2007

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. In honor of Mother Earth I am posting a couple examples of her beauty. The first is of the rolling hills of Sonoma Valley in California. The other is of the mountains of Wyoming, early September, with low clouds hovering around the peaks. The other is of the rolling hills of Sonoma Valley in California.
More and more I find myself connected to this Earth. Certainly more aware and appreciative than I was in my youth. The Earth does earn her name as Mother for she is truly like a mother to all living things. Giving life and nourishment, providing us with shelter and beauty, singing us lullabies that whisper through the trees and grass and letting us know when we have been out of line when she shows us her anger. We certainly cannot keep taking and taking and destroying this source of life. If we continue there will be no more beautiful landscapes to enjoy, no more flowers to smell, no more songs of nature, no more us.
So enjoy the day... go outside, take a walk, sit by a stream, plant some flowers, breathe in the air and enjoy the sunshine.

California Vista
8" x 24" Canvas

Low Clouds
6"x 8" Oil on canvas panel

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