May 22, 2007


Right now I am in Utahon a much needed getaway and visit with my daughters. And a chance to catch up with my friend and fellow artist Diane Whitehead. We spent the day yesterday at the Sundance Resort and at her home in Park City. We were hoping to paint plein air but the weather just wasn't cooperative. I had a wonderful visit and I wish we were in closer proximity to one another to paint and just hang out.
This little painting is titled "Danny" I believe he is a brown trout. A friend of mine, who is an avid fly fisherman, says they call them Danny's after Danny DeVito.
This little guy has already found a home at my friend's cabin in southern Colorado. Lucky Danny.

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Nancy Merkle said...

Hi Deb

TAG, you are it!

Laura Taskeiko has tagged me in a WORLDWIDE game of ARTIST BLOG're next!

You can find the details and rules on my blog

Keep on painting, Nancy