November 23, 2007

"First Impression" Sonoma Valley landscape

This painting is of my first impression of wine country in Sonoma Valley in California. We had been driving for quite a while and came upon this beautiful view overlooking my first glimpse of a vineyard. I remember being so excited and wondering if maybe this is what the vineyards in Italy looked like. That was years ago and I still don't have that answer, but someday, then I will have paintings of vineyards in Italy to show you.

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Neda said...

I hope you will someday isit Italy and interpret its beauty for us. I really love this painting...question: do you take photos first and then paint? You said you were driving by and I did not undestand if you stopped and got out of your car and actually painted this gorgeous scene then and there or you snapped a photo of it?

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Neda. No, this was painted from a photo or rather three photos that I taped together to get the full scope of the landscape. That trip was about ten years ago, I wasn't even painting then but I remember being so enthralled with this scene. Thanks for visiting.

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

Foreground just moves elegantly. Excellent composition. I grew up in the Bay Area and spent much time in the wine country - best were the days we cut work and went wine tasting.

Will visit here again.

I like your work. May I link your site?