January 28, 2008

A Portrait of Greta - oil painting

This is Greta. I was asked by her owner to paint her portrait. This was my first commission and I admit that doing a custom painting puts a new dynamic on the painting process. Will she like it? Is it what she was expecting? etc. But as I painted I just kept thinking of the loving words her owner used to describe Greta and let that coax Greta onto the canvas. It was the first time I consciously approached a painting from that direction and it worked. Her owner loved the painting.

10x8 oil on canvas

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mattcd42 said...

Great piece, I think it adds a lot by the way the strokes are used. It compares strongly in contrast to a blocky feel like:

this kind of artist's work.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting Matt. I appreciate it.

Tracy said...

I am glad that you posted Greta, it is so wonderful and am glad that others can see the beautiful, thoughtful work you did. I also appreciate understanding your process in creating it. It's amazing how well you seemed to understand Greta and am glad now she has touched you as she has touched me and others that met her. I am so thankful to have this now that she has gone, and thankful that I found the perfect person to do this work.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thank you Tracy. Your kind words are so much appreciated. I am happy that I could do this for you.
(PS. My mom fell in love with her too!)

Austin Maloney said...

Nice portrait. Very well done.