October 26, 2009

Think Pink! Team las Bombas - 3 Day Walk for the Cure

I've been woefully uninspired to paint this week. Figured I just need to take a break and regroup but pretty sure I will back at it soon.

Until then I am pulling out some oldies but goodies!
Today's post is brought to you by the color pink. For Breast Cancer Awareness. And while I don't care to send any energy towards the disease itself, I am using that energy to celebrate spirit and courage and healing. And being well.

My daughter Krista is walking in the 2009 Arizona 3 Day for breast cancer. 60 miles in three days. She will be part of Team Las Bombas and has committed to raising $2300 in donations for her participation. So I thought I would help her spread the word. (Being the good and supportive mother that I am!)

The sale proceeds from this and the next pink painting are going to Team Las Bambas, particularly Krista's commitment, and to the Walk for the Cure.

I participated in the event 5 years ago. I walked to support a friend's healing from her own breast cancer. I'm happy to say she is healthy today. She has also told me of the importance of the research that this event supports and how it was key in her own treatment.
I have to say this was one of the most memorable and moving events I have expereinced. Not only for the feeling of doing something that helps, but for the celebration of spirit that permeated every part of this event. My extreme blisters after the first day were nothing. Okay, they WERE, but in comparison to other things they didn't seem to matter. And even though many of us were barely hobbling at dinner on the second night we were all up on our feet and dancing around the camp to the rhythms of the band that so generously entertained us that night. The support from the volunteers at all the rest stations and campgrounds, the pack of boy scouts who set up everyone's tents the second day, the people cheering us on along the route, our traffic "cops" who made sure we had safe passing at intersections, the hysterical giggling we fell into because we were so tired we couldn't think straight (and the fact that we just have a lot of fun together anyway) and the most amazing of all was coming down that hill to the state capital greeted by a sea of people, thanking us, cheering and clapping for us all as we made those final steps. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of it. WOW! is all I can say. If you ever have the chance to participate - do it!

The painting is Tulips in Pink
6x8 Oil on Canvas Panel
SOLD!! Thanks Laura!

I'm including my daughter's link for donations if you wish to contribute to the cause.
Krista's Donation Page

For more information about the Breast Cancer 3-Day, Susan G. Komen for the Cure or the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund, visit http://www.the3day.org/ or call 800.996.3DAY.

©2009 Deb Kirkeeide. All rights reserved.


Imen said...

So beautiful and thank you for the inspirational story....
Here is a a blog that might
perk you up--http://abloomsburylife.blogspot.com/

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Imen! I will check it out.

P.S. I have visions of Ireland dancing in my head lately - thinking about your generous invitation to come visit and paint...someday!

Double "D" said...

Hi Deb,

Wonderful memory and an inspirational cause.
You're a great friend and a better Mom I'm sure.

Woefully uninspired, I feel your pain. At least you have work as an excuse. I ... I got nothin!

This painting really sets the mood for the cause with the closed tulips in the front and then brightening to the full open tulips in the back. Great brush strokes and use of color.

Hey, I want to paint in Ireland too!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Hey Doug!
Yes, I'll use work as an excuse...
I suppose that and a few other things.
Sometimes we just need a break so I'm going with it.
Thanks for your comments and insight as always.
Yeah! let's all go paint in Ireland!! Anybody else? Imen says it's one big beautiful landscape painting.

Krista said...

Mom, thank you so much for the posting, support, and the inspirational story. I am so excited to experience this event. You are the most amazing mom. Love you bunches.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Krista - you're pretty amazing yourself!

Anonymous said...

C'mon over!!!!! Deb, Eamon is coming out to us next week to do a little shoot of us and the farm so then i am going to send you a shot or two for you to paint when you have the time....and are willing! xoxoxo

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Awesome Imen! Did Eamon tell you I'm already art directing his next shoot? Hah! I'm sure he's wondering who the heck I am making suggestions for his next shoot!

Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful cause
and painting, Deb!

time away
is worthy...

even if the learning
comes slowly,
it comes.

enjoy the quiet...
i know you'll come back


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks for the encouragement Chuck. Hopefully this respite will soon pass!

Calli said...

You are a wonderful inspired and inspiring being my friend!

Sorry I missed all this goodness...and your daughter, what a sweetie!

Love the pink!