October 11, 2010

What I've been up to....

It may not be a lot of painting lately but I did finally finish my animated piece for Motion Poems.
I designed, illustrated and animated the entire piece.

The screening was on Friday night and a good time was had by all! Many wonderful entries this year and it was a  great night hanging out with that big room of creative minds and talents. Of course we celebrated in style with Lienenkugle on tap and popcorn!

My poet Todd Boss is one of the co-founders of MotionPoems and his poem was a love poem to his wife. He, and most importantly, SHE, loved  my interpretation. That's what I always love to hear!

So now you know a little of what I do by day when I'm not painting.

 ©2010 Deb Kirkeeide. All rights reserved.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Deb, THAT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Such fun to animate!!! One of my best friends in college was a film maker...he did clay-mation and did some fabulous films...had worked for Jim Henson as well...I LOVED his studio...and so, you see, I've always thought it would be such a dream to do work like that!!! AND here YOU are living the dream!!! WOW!!! KUDOS to you!!!! Very exciting!!! And not only that but a good time was had by all and your deserving work was very much appreciated!! Who could ask for more? Love it!! The film is stupendous, btw. Hurrah! ~Janine XO

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I love it when you stop by Janine.
Thank you so much! and wow - I would have loved to visit Jim Henson's studio - how fun!

Susan Erickson said...

That is fabulous! What a wonderful way to work! Very exciting to be in film making...it reaches so many people! Always wonderful to see the different paths we all follow.....

Double "D" said...

Amazing! Cool video and great illustrations.
Aren't you quite the knowledgable and creative
designer and illustrator. Technical skills, well beyond my comprehension.

Nicely done you clever rascal!

Mad Dog

joe stansberry said...

WOWSA! Your Talent never ceases to amaze me Deb! You are truly blessed to not only have that talent but to also understand these gifts and share it with the world.


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Susan - it is fun to see where our creative paths lead us!

Thanks so much Doug! Hope that shoulder is on the mend and you are painting again!

Hey Joe, thank you what a nice thing to say.