December 7, 2010

Good Grief Charlie Brown....

Digital Sketch
I sure didn't mean to be away for so long. It's about time I checked in and said hello.

I have several half done paintings waiting to be finished. Unfinished in part due to frustration, I hadn't seemed to get them to work past a certain point in the painitng. And now in some ways I'm kind of liking the halfway state that they are in. So maybe a new style is evolving. We'll see how that progresses. As soon as I am able, I will revisit them and get them to a state of being finished. I've somehow sprained my shoulder and it is a bit painful to paint. So on doctors orders...I'm giving  it a rest. In the meantime I've been contemplating the state of my art and sketching. Hopefully I'll be back at it again soon. 

This image is the result of a bit of downtime at work. Just a little doodling and sketching in Photoshop. I think it has potential to evolve into an oil painting. 
Now, if this darn shoulder will just get better... 
...and my brushes will decide to cooperate.
maybe it's more about me cooperating with the painting and brushes.

I had mentioned earlier that I had been invited to participate in a group show with 10 other very accomplished and talented artists. Our opening reception was Saturday night and we had a fantastic turn out for the show.

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Linda Popple said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Hope you heal quickly!

I love this digital sketch! I have photoshop, but I really only know a very small part of how to use it. Hats off to you! :-)


oh, see, deb - i absolutely totally LOVE this piece just as it is - i think it's fabulous! perfectly "under"stated, so to speak - soft and delicate with just enough detail to give depth of character - and such beauty! a beautiful beautiful piece, lady! just as it is! you know, i don't have photoshop - but i really think i must have it! do feel better soon, dear lady - hugs and best wishes -

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Linda and Gypsy - Thank you both for the well wishes and the for your wonderful comments on my little Photoshop sketch. It comes in handy for sketching out painting ideas when I'm at work. (The key is having the Wacom tablet and pen to draw with)