February 9, 2011

The Winter Queen

Winter Queen
11x14 Oil

I have received a gentle nudge to post something new.( Duly noted, friend) While this is not new, it will have to do for now.

The Winter Queen still has us in her icy grip here in MN as the temps today-7 with -400 below windchills. (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, -200) Cold is cold! But there is promise of above freezing in the days to coming.

Artist's block has had me in her grip as well. And I'll be honest, it has been a great struggle to find the inspiration in my painting. It's been hard to make anything work in spite of my cajoling and begging of my artistic muse. It has been extremely frustrating. Not sure what  is behind it, but I'm working with my coach to get through it. And it is slowly coming back. In baby steps. And I will say the skills are very rusty and I haven't been too thrilled with the results.

 I suspect there are several reasons behind my block. Sometimes we just plain burn out. I have a day job that demands creativity and it's wanted yesterday. This sometimes leaves very little at the end of the day when I want to come home to paint. I also suspect that as much as I love winter, I am sensitive to the lack of light (vitamin D and a sunlamp anyone?) and I won't even attempt to go into the games the psyche likes to throw into the mix!

I think one of the things we need to remember is to allow it, take this time to rest, replenish the well of creativity and not be too hard on ourselves. Easier said than done I know.

So, my question to all you artists and creatives out there, what do you do when you hit the artistic wall? What has helped you push through it and find that artistic mojo again? Please share! I'm sure I am not the only one to struggle with this. Maybe we can all help each other!

In the meantime, please be patient with me - I do think I will have something new to post very soon.
Rusty or not.

Happy 2011 Everyone!

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Double "D" said...

Hi Deb,

Now I feel bad for the nudge.
Actually I'm having the same problem, that is
painters block. I really no longer have the
interference with daily demands of creativity
and I feel your pain with the loss of light.
I just have to start and stop being so tentative.
I have all these ideas but worry they won't turn out.
So the paper comes out today with some fresh paint
and a big brush and no idea of what to paint and just start. Hopefully regaining the feel of the brush and the grain of the paper will turn me loose. It's splash time and paint throwing so look out .... well maybe.

For you I think just taking whatever inspiration you
have and maybe just carry a sketch book around. OK stop laughing ... when I worked that was the farthest thing from my mind so forget that. Um, what else ... maybe just close your eyes when you get home from work. Sit and relax and breath deeply and try and let the days stress go out with your breath. Beyond that if you don't feel like painting then stop beating yourself up about it. The time will come and you'll know when it's good to go. The less pressure you put on yourself the better.

In the mean time if I discover something that might help I'll forward it on along with some positive thoughts with no stress.

I've always liked the Winter Queen, she's much better looking than Santa.

Again, sorry for the nudge!
Stay well my friend,

Denise Rose said...

Hey Deb! I was just thinking of you yesterday when I was looking at the painting I bought from you! I have started a blog too now so take a look when you get a moment. You will get over the block, I am sure of it! You have always been such an inspiration to me as a "new again" painter so I know you will get it back!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Doug, the nudge is good! no need to apologize. I'm glad you are inspired to do so. Thank you!

Denise - what a lovely thing to say. Thank you for such inspiring support. Congratulations on your blog! It all looks wonderful.

Nevine said...

She is beautiful, Deb! And hey, every once in a while we need to just relax and do nothing at all creatively so we can truly create when the feeling comes back. Enjoy!


Mike Moyers said...

Hello Deb,

I am a relative newcomer to blogs for inspiration. I have been looking forward to a new posting from you.

I have also found it hard to get in enough "quality time" with the canvas after a full day of creative work. I'm with the others who say not to take it too hard and just let it come to you. I usually don't get back into painting until someone wants something.
I guess I'm just conditioned to deadlines. I have a blog as well to keep me "nudged". (although I haven't posted anything new since early Jan.) I would like to think my work would be much better if I approached the canvas more often without any expectations.

I also know from my experience that pushing paint gets me more creatively charged. For me, painting is a meditation. It allows my brain to wander the right side in more rewarding ways that my days spent on the mac at the office. After I paint, I find my creativity flows more smoothly at work.

Your Santa was awesome. Snow Queen is beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.


mermaid gallery said...

love the painting! We all need down time...it takes a lot of energy being creative....I agree with the winter blues disrupting the flow....Know it sounds spoiled but...take a holiday to sunshine....there really is nothing like getting away from it all and having just plain fun. Lifts the spirit , gives us objectivity, and gets the juices flowing. Really makes a huge difference to who we are, and what we create!!!!

Calli said...

Deb~ She is so beautifully ethereal and that is the element that I love most in with your figurative works.

As far as the missing muse, well for me I find myself creating in different ways, like renovating a room in my home or reading some great books. I have to just let it be and know that eventually my muse will return even stronger. I have been so up and down with that of late and it can create anxiety but I have to learn to let that go.

Enjoy and be good to yourself!