June 30, 2011

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes
6x8 Oil on canvas panel
©2011 Deb Kirkeeide

Speaking of journeys in the last post... I journeyed to Utah for a visit with my daughter. It was great to get away. We mad a couple trips up the canyon to cooler temps and spent one afternoon on the patio watching the skiers. Yep, they were still skiing as of June 29th!

I've painted a few small pieces lately but I've been a bit behind in photographing and posting. This little piece makes a nice little companion to an earlier piece.
6x8 Oil on canvas panel

Both paintings are available. Each priced at $130.00 + $12.00 S/H. If you are interested in both, I am offering both for $230.00 and free shipping. Happy Summer!
Bright Eyes $130 + 12 S/H

Sunkissed $130 + 12 S/H


Summer Celebration $230 / Free Shipping


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hey lady - am just making my rounds as i'm able from my laptop - some time back seems a hacker decided to hack into my desktop and it's been a nightmare! can't even go there but just to let you know what's been up over here - plus i was in louisiana for several months - then back to east coast and just got back from fun trip to north carolina - anyway, hope you'll come along with me on twitter and facebook - and LOVE these new little beauties of yours! have a great weekend - and come see me soon!