August 22, 2011

The Winery Barn

The Winery Barn
9x12 Oil
©2011 Deb Kirkeeide

This past Saturday, Outdoor Painters of Minnesota had our paint-out at Parley Lake Winery in Victoria, MN. I have to say it was a fabulous event with over 20 painters showing up to paint. It's a beautiful
area with rolling hills, orchards and vineyards and wine tasting! 

Add award winning wine, live music and art on display to a beautiful day and great camaraderie,
the day couldn't get any better!

This is where they make the wine. I heard they were serving wine slushies inside - I never had the chance to check it out. Though I did have a glass of the Frontenac Gris in hand while I painted this.

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Denise Rose said...

This is fabulous Deb! I think I need to have a glass of wine in hand when I paint if it could look like this! haha! Hope you had a wonderful time, because you certainly had a successful painting!

Egretta Wells blog said...

I like this has a very restful quality about it. Sounds like a great Saturday and a good place for painting!

Chuck Dilmore said...

it's lovely. i... i think i can smells grapes.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thank you Denise! The wine certainly made it a bit more fun!

Egretta, yes it is a wonderful place to paint and just hang out. Thank you!

Chuck, I'm thinkin' it may be the wine
I used to thin the paints! :) Thanks!