September 29, 2011

Basin Trail

Basin Trail
12x9 Oil
©2011 Deb Kirkeeide.

We followed this little one lane trail - way beyond the view you see here - and then drove halfway back. Along the way we stopped at the ranger station to ask where the trail led. Our fine cowboy ranger gave us some good information but we lost him during the debate to travel further or to just pick a spot before the light went flat. He said we lost him on that discussion and headed back to his cabin. (darn!)

We opted to paint and explore later. I love this view and the resulting painting. It was very inviting.
We did get a little nervous and wondered if we might have to head to the cars upon listening to some  very vocal cows and a very distressed donkey off in the distance.  I can be perfectly comfortable moving around the city but out there I was always looking over my shoulder for bear. Though towards the end of the week I was starting to feel a little more comfortable.

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