November 7, 2011

a spot of color

After the Rains
15 x 30 Oil

 This is a larger version of a plein air study I did earlier this summer. Always a challenge for me, painting on such a large scale. I've been working on this all summer, adding, subtracting, changing approaches - more or less experimenting and ending up painting it all with a knife. It's not quite the vision I had in my head - but it feels very peaceful to me in all it's muted tones. I remember that day out painting plein air with Outdoor Painters of Minnesota (OPM). Early morning, after a night of rain, the air heavy with moisture and the good company of fellow painters.

And speaking of OPM....for all of you local people looking for an art filled evening, we are having our opening reception on Saturday the 12th at The Frameworks Gallery in St Paul. Hope to see you there!


Double "D" said...

Wonderful painting Deb.
Did you design the poster for the
show? If you did, it's a beauty with nice design.
If you didn't then I think it sucks. LOL ... just kidding.

Happy Thanksgiving

Deb Kirkeeide said...

You're funny Doug!
No, I didn't design the poster
but I'm sure my design would have been just as good!

Happy Thanksgiving to you Doug!

Warren said...

You have captured, exquisitely, the feeling of the marsh, Deb - you are a very special artist, endowed with perception and the ability to put that perception to canvas. Gorgeous painting!