November 14, 2013

The Treasure Collector - Crow on Jar oil painting - Deb Kirkeeide

The Treasure Collector
18 x 14 Oil
© 2013 Deb Kirkeeide 

This is a variation on the theme of the crow and the jar story. In this case, being fond of bright shiny objects I think he could be a collector of treasures. The question here seems to be whether he is hiding his new found treasures or taking them away.

A thirsty crow noticed a huge jar and saw that at the very bottom there was a little bit of water. For a long time the crow tried to spill the water out so that it would run over the ground and allow her to satisfy her tremendous thirst. After exerting herself for some time in vain, the crow grew frustrated and applied all her cunning with unexpected ingenuity: as she tossed little stones into the jar, the water rose of its own accord until she was able to take a drink.

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