June 25, 2014

Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy
12 x 16 Oil

©2014 Deb Kirkeeide

Something a little different than my usual subjects.

Over the years these recurring visions combining women and nature keep showing up in my sketches. As of yet I've not quite figured out my approach to them. What I see in my mind's eye is not what lands on the canvas and because painting figurative is not in my comfort zone it takes me forever to get something I'm somewhat happy with. Consequently I spend a lot of time painting, wiping and repainting! But the only way to get comfortable is to keep pushing and trying new techniques and approaches. As frustrated as I get and think I should paint some other things in between I find I am obsessed  with trying to get these to canvas. Evidently these ladies need to be revealed.

So, this is a start. I'm obsessed lately with over exaggerated nature elements and big fantastical hair of various hues.  She may turn up again as I work out different techniques.

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