January 18, 2015

In Silent Blue Waters - Original Oil Painitng of Swan

In Silent Blues Waters
16 x 16 Oil on Panel

©2015 Deb Kirkeeide

 Happy New Year, Everyone. I'm a bit late in getting started, in fact I just took down my Christmas decor! I decided I wanted to enjoy the sparkle a bit longer since I missed a good portion of the holidays. Did you know that it is bad luck to leave them up past February 2nd? So I guess I'm still good!

 This swan painting is one that I have reworked several times. One of those paintings that the longer I looked at it, I kept thinking of other things to try. (I have another that's been hanging out on the easel for the good part of 2 years or maybe more - I'm still experimenting with that one.) This latest version is one I am finally happy with. Any new ideas I have for it will require a fresh start.

But ideas are forming for new subjects and I'm excited to get started on them.