August 30, 2015

Pastoral Poetry - Southern Minnesota Landscape En Plein Air

Pastoral Poetry
6x8 Oil
©2015 Deb Kirkeeide

A little plein air piece I did back in July just southwest of Minneapolis.

I always find I have good intentions to get out and do more plein air painting. I however, have discovered I am a fair weather  painter. Literally! too hot? Too cold? Too buggy? Nope. I need it just right! Unless I can find a partner in crime to nudge me out the door!

I love getting out. There's nothing better than being outdoors and absorbing all the sights and sounds of the location. Maybe that's why, with every painting, I vividly remember the details of the day. Who I was with, conversations, the farmer bailing the hay from the field on the left, scouting for a location, the weather and the champagne we drank! It's incredible.

On this day I was with a good friend on the fourth of July. I visited her new home and we set out to explore this new area. We saw lots of beautiful scenes to paint but could not find a place to pull off.
We decided we should advocate the state to provide turn outs along the roads so plein air painters have access to be able to paint all our beautiful vistas!

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