July 24, 2016

A Superior View - Lake Superior Landscape painting

A Superior View
12 x 9 Oil 
©2016 Deb Kirkeeide

Mother Superior Called … and I answered.
Lake Superior that is. Each time she called, her voice offered a promise of comfort and nurturing.
I finally answered.
The last few months (years?) have been a bit stressful. I hadn’t realized how much of that I was carrying but I knew I needed to get away to the shores of the big lake.
Armed with journal, sketchbook, paints and absolutely no agenda other than to just be, I headed north to the Grand Marais area, just 60 miles from the Canadian border.

“Be still and the Earth speaks to you”  ~ Navaho Proverb
I watched, listened and let her speak.
She spoke through the mournful call of the loons and the playful antics of the crows that visited each day. Through the gentle fall of rain and the occasional roll of thunder. The lake sang her songs, the pulse of her heart repeating in the waves. Breezes whispered to the trees, their answers in the rustling of the leaves. Love showed up in heart shaped stones I found along the shore. Majesty came in the form of a russet colored buck crossing the road in front of me. Delight came in the thousands of wildflowers lining the roads. So delightful, that I just wanted to give the Earth a big old hug!
Not being completely cut off from civilization, I explored the galleries, discovered new artists, checked out the art fair in Grand Marais, read articles and stories each leading me to a little more clarity and inspiration. I was led to the overreaching theme of nature, her healing and our connections to all of her lessons. 
This painting was my view while I was up there. It was glorious!
A Superior View                                                                                                                9x12 Oil  $435 purchase here 

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your painting looks great? SUP Red Deer are you selling this beautiful piece?