December 4, 2018

Ornaments and a Deck The Walls Studio Sale

Ornaments and a Walls Studio Sale? 

Why yes!


Every so often my muse inspires me to reach beyond my painting and try something new. What can I say?  I love trying new things. 

A few years ago I took an encaustic workshop and while I enjoyed it, I really didn't explore it a lot, though I'd like to.

Recently though, I had an idea for an ornament. And because I can't just do one, I did a small limited run of them. Some are being given as gifts but the rest are available to you.

Each one is original and unique. These are hand-cut wood shapes that are painted using pigments mixed with hot beeswax and varnish that are applied in layers and fused with high heat.

As I said, it is limited availability and there are only 14. 

After they are gone that's it! 

Who knows? If they are popular I may explore further for next year. I'd love your input, let me know if you have any suggestions!

Each ornament is pictured and available HERE on my website.  

Deck The Walls Studio Sale

Now through December 15th,  I have a select collection of paintings available at special pricing - perfect for adding to your existing collection of art or for those just starting out.

As my focus is more and more to the animals and birds (and some new directions that are in the wings waiting) I came across these paintings and I would really love to see them find homes and be enjoyed as they were intended to be.

You can visit the collection here to see if anything that catches your eye! 

Happy December Everyone!

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