December 17, 2007

Mission Carmel Bell Tower

I visited the Mission at Carmel a few years ago and thought it was really a beautiful mission and stone structure. It is very quaint, beautifully restored and has beautiful gardens in the courtyard and is just a nice place to be in. Very peaceful. Which, of course, is common for most places of spiritual worship I would think. There are just areas we find along the way that hold this kind of energy. The places that just feel right and bring a sense of calm with it. Julia Cameron talks about ley lines in her books. Ley lines are characterized by the spiritual sites found along their lengths particularly at their intersections. Often being the location of sacred shrines of many beliefs throughout the ages.
Funny how telling the simple story of a painting of a bell tower can lead to this direction of thought. But then that's where we find our inspiration - in those places where we find our calm and are able to listen.

Carmel Mission Bell Tower
6x8 oil on canvas panel
$145 + $12 S/H

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