July 24, 2008

Crow Medicine

Raven Study
6x8 oil on canvas
$130 + $12 s/h

One thing I love about this online format is how I get to connect and meet such wonderful people. I had an inquiry about one of my Raven paintings - one that I have in my own collection and had decided to keep. Through our emails she told me how a crow had come to symbolize her recovery from cancer and she couldn't get my painting out of her mind. I understood how we can connect to a symbol or totem that represents an important part of our life, since the Raven has a lot of meaning to me. We shared our stories, made book recommendations and I painted her a painting. I'm sure if we lived closer we would probably have met for coffee or something. Sharing my art online has opened many doors, most of all meeting people who I otherwise might not have met. To hear how my paintings somehow touch others is amazing. I love that.

The first painting is a small study of a raven that I met up with in Yellowstone. This one I call Crow Medicine, as it helped her find the strength to recover from her cancer.

Thanks for your visit.
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Sue O'Kieffe said...

these are wonderful paintings. the story is touching. i share your love of ravens, as you know, and have been having great fun watching them play in the street near where i work this summer.
hope you are having a good one.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Sue. Good to hear from you.