November 11, 2008

Pearl Necklace - by Deb Kirkeeide

I think of a Greek Goddess when I look at this one. Very beautiful and alluring. With an infinite wisdom and a presence of pure confidence within. I'm not sure which goddess she would represent - maybe all.

Pearl Necklace
6x8 Oil on Canvas Panel

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Michele Lee said...

She is beautiful! Love the color. You are doing such nice work wih these girls.

Katie said...

Beautiful job Mom!! Love you lots!

indiaartist said...

To me she looks like a dame directly from scilent moovies. It is beautiful.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thank you Michelle. I am really enjoying these paintings.

Thanks Katie! I love you too!

India - I think you're right, she does look like she could be from a silent movie! Thanks for your visit and comment.

Neda said...

Maybe she represents all the "women" you are! laptop crashed and I am trying to build my feed reader back but I can't get to subscribe to yours through Atom...Any ideas?? Thanks