November 30, 2008

She Runs Free - by Deb Kirkeeide

For me there really is a sense of freedom when I watch a horse run. When I was young I loved horses. I drew them. I read about them. I had a vast collection of horse figurines. I even dreamed that Santa brought me that pony I so wished for when I was 4-5. And I was so disappointed that it wasn't standing in our backyard that Christmas morning. To me there was nothing more beautiful. I still think they are beautiful and magnificent animals.

I'm not sure how this one evolved to what it is. Symbolically the horse represents that free and wild spirit within. The moon represents the feminine nature, the stars represent truth, the tree is our life force and the night corresponds to the preferred time to explore hidden aspects of self - as in our dreams. And thus the title of this painting - She Runs Free Beneath The Night Sky.

She Runs Free
10 x 20 oil on canvas
$350 + $15 S/H

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