January 22, 2009

Say Goodnight Gracie - by Deb Kirkeeide

The title comes from a line from The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show back in the fifties. George would end the should with"Say goodnight, Gracie"

My model is Gracie and she belongs to my daughter. I love this one. It really just captures her personality.She makes a good model and while they were visiting for Christmas I took lots of pictures so I'm sure there will be more.

If you are interested in a portrait of your pet please contact me - I'd love to do it for you.

Say Goodnight Gracie
6x6 Oil on canvas
SOLD - Gracie found a new home.

Thanks for your visit!
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Carol Marine said...

Deb, I just discovered your blog and will be back often! Your work is really fresh and well done. I love this dog. Paint on, girl!

Fawn said...

You really captured it all, the eyes speak all the things a puppy would say!!! very well done!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks so much Carol. I'm glad you stopped by.

Thank you Fawn. I'm especially pleased with this one.

Janette Jones, Studio California said...

Nice work...so painterly, yet real! Love the expression, good job!

Norma Wilson said...


Dar Presto said...

gracie looks wonderful

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Adorable.....nad very well painted she captures your heart