June 25, 2009

Stella de Oro

Stella De Oro - sounds like a film star.

Finally! I have something to post. I've been painting a much larger piece that seems to be taking forever so I had to paint a smaller one to feel like I am getting something done! Besides that the Stellas are blooming and I can't pass them up, so look for more to come. I just learned that each flower only lasts for one day - and they bloom quickly, by the time I finished the painting the bud on the top left completely opened up - I can't believe I didn't actually see it moving!

So I really have been painting, but I've also been busy with other projects. I'm in the process of turning my studio/family room into a full studio which involves some rearranging and shifting of rooms. I've got my handyman coming to take care of a few house things, I've installed a gallery hanging system so I can have more in studio events and am in the process of picking out flooring. Exciting!

Stella De Oro
16 x 8 Oil on canvas panel
$150 + 12 S/H

Thanks for your visit!
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Chuck Dilmore said...

wow- that IS very exciting!
keep us posted!

this piece is just extraordinary!
very happy to be able to see your work...
just beautiful, Deb!


Lissa said...

Can't wait to see what you are doing to your house. Wanna come to my house and redo it?
Love the new painting!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Sure Liss, I'll redo your house - just hand me the blank check...:)

Thank you so much Chuck and I'm happy to have found your work. I am thinking it would be fun to write stories to go with my paintings - there, you've inspired someone!

Helen Read said...

beautiful, Deb! I always love your flowers.