June 30, 2009

Grandfather Tree - June 28.09

Same tree - next night. This time I wasn't quite in a rush before it became dark so I took a little more time. Interesting how the light affected the colors, as soon as I set up outside I noticed there was more of a yellow cast to everything. The previous night had more blues in it - probably from the rains we had earlier in the day.

I love this tree, I now have a collection of 6 paintings of it. As you can tell I am quite fond of them. I see them as faithful and protective friends.

I have a friend who says to look for the faces in the trees - it's spirit will reveal itself. I haven't seen the face in this tree but I have seen them in others. This reminds me of the Grandmother Tree that was in the Disney film Pocahontas. She would go to the tree whose face would magically appear and share her wisdom.

Grandfather Tree June 28.09
6x8 Oil

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Anonymous said...

Your painting is beautifully done. I think you captured what they call 'the magic hour'. Beautiful.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Trish - it really is the magic hour - it seems to disappear right before your eyes!

Chuck Dilmore said...

wow, Deb...
as much as i loved the 6.27 version,
this one feels even more alive, alluring!

love that golden light
that shows itself
at the end of a special day...

how lovely that you've
captured and eternalized it!


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Chuck. I do love that time day, the wind stills, the lake waters turn to glass and everything glows.