September 15, 2009

Figure Study

I was going through some files recently and came across some drawings I did a few years ago. Well, probably a lot of years ago since I seem to have no concept of time anymore. Kinda scary!

I took figure drawing class at Atelier Lac. I remember trying to get used to standing at an easel and drawing. Something I had never really done before - which speaks volumes of my art education, huh?
All I could do is laugh! I felt like I had never picked up a pencil in my life.

It was fun coming across this - I will post another tomorrow. I also discovered folders full of sketches and ideas for works of art in all applications - lampshades (this I do occasionally - actually very cool, cut rice paper collages) sculpture (this I don't do, but when I do I will be prepared) a design for a mosaic table(still haven't gotten to but very feng shui)and various sketches of dreams and ideas that drop in to visit. I really need to get busy! So many ideas, not enough time in the day!

Hope your files and days are full of creative ideas!

Figure Drawing 1
81/2 x 11 Pencil on Paper

Thanks for your visit!
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Double "D" said...

Hi Deb,

Isn't it fun to go back through old files ... uh, years of history and memories. I'll bet you've got some great ideas. I love looking at old sketches, layouts, old illustrations and cartoons. Helps to remind us of life's accomplishments.

This life drawing is very well done Deb. Doesn't look like standing at a easel bothered you at all. Look forward to seeing more.


Deb Kirkeeide said...

It is fun DD! Sometimes I cringe and wonder what I was thinking? And other times I truly amaze myself!
I'm also happy to see how my artistic expression has grown through the years. I have come from tight,controlled renderings... working towards perfection,
to what I love best - loose and flowing. That's what I consider perfection now.
Probably says a lot of where I'm at in my life as well!

Calli said...

Wow, Deb, Excellent Figure Study! and you have so many inspiring creative things going on, send some my way, Please!

...I love using rice paper on collages, and on lampshades, fab idea! very cool. And, I think you will love sculpting when you start!


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Calli.
Someday I would like to do some sculpting. Maybe clay which wouldn't be too daunting.

The ideas I have sketched involve welding - haven't really explored that yet!

Calli said...

That's intriguing and a coincidence? I have always wanted to use a welder, but I sort of fear them! I find sculptures using miscellaneous findings to be so conceptually and visually interesting.

I hope you put those ideas to work!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Calli - I think coincidence is in the air! Yes, welding seems a little daunting to me!