September 2, 2009

Headed West

This is a painting I did quite awhile ago. But I love it and it shows you what my eyes and heart will be feasting on this weekend.
I'm headed west to Utah to see my daughter and we're headed up to Jackson Hole for a couple days. Tetons, Yellowstone
These are amazing mountains, kind of leaves you speechless at their majesty.

Mother Earth is a beautiful and wondrous lady.

Blue Tetons
10 x 12 Oil on Canvas panel
$240 + $12 S/H

Thanks for your visit!
©2009. Deb Kirkeeide. All rights reserved.


Chuck Dilmore said...


love the foreground, too...
beautiful colors and perspective.

i know you'll have an incredible trip!
watch for meteors!

Calli said...

Love the grandness you've captured on this one, Deb! being out west~ have a great time!

To Mother Earth~

imen said...

Deb, I love following this blog...such gorgeous work to behold. Have fun out West! Imen xooxo

CJ said...

Deb -
I love the light in thi picture - you did a beautiful job!