December 6, 2009

Early Fall Minnehaha Creek

I've painted new ones this weekend but I can't show them yet. One is a commissioned gift so I have to wait on that. The other is not quite done, but I will post it soon. A bit different from my usual. But I've enjoyed painting it.

Here's another earlier landscape ready for adoption. This is from a bridge overlooking Minnehaha Creek. It is on a trail near my house so I walk by there often. This flows all the way from Lake Minnetonka, through Minneapolis and to the infamous Minnehaha Falls (well, infamous here, anyway) and into the Mississippi. I've heard people talking about canoeing the creek but I have yet to see enough water in it to get very far without scraping bottom.

Early Fall
8x6 Oil on Canvas Panel

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Calli said...

Serene once again and those colours, Deb, I simply love!

Double "D" said...

Really nice Deb!
I was out looking at the bark on Sycamore trees today.
Kind of throw me for a loop when I saw your painting.
The bark on a Sycamore tree.

Yes I know, that's not much of a compliment.
Let me try again ... you know how I love your brush strokes, well this painting is really beautiful. Like how the color patches all tie together into the finished piece. Or, Awesome!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Calli - Serene - I like that. especially the Queen of Serene!
I wish I could say I felt like that all the time... thanks! As always, I enjoy your visits.

Doug - I enjoy yours too. You always have such great things to say. I do admit I'm confused about the sycamore. I wonder if I have ever seen one here? Thanks Doug!

Double "D" said...

Hi Deb,
I should have done a better
job of explaining myself.

If I look at the entire paintings
color scheme, the blocks of values etc.
It reminds me of the bark of a Sycamore

I will attach a picture to an email for reference.
Glad to see you painting again.

Chuck Dilmore said...

Deb, this is excellent.

so easy to fall
right into this one...
back to the warmth and
wonderful sounds!


jet said...

I discovered your blog the day before yesterday, and I went back and read the whole thing! I absolutely love your paintings. I'm not an artist myself, just a passionate observer.:-)


oh, these colors are fantastic! they embrace us and take us into their beauty! love this piece!

Anonymous said...

I like it a lot!

Also, than you for your comment at my blog today!!