December 2, 2009

SunLight Basin - Landscape

I'm bringing back some earlier pieces and offering them at some Holiday Prices to help fill your walls! Think of this as my Holiday Art Adoption Event.
This is of Sunlight Basin near Cody, Wyoming. I've always liked this little painting. I love that area and this spot in particular.

Sunlight Basin
6x12 Oil on Canvas

Fill your walls with ART!
©2009 Deb Kirkeeide.


Calli said...

What a lovely bit of scenery! I can just imagine it in person.

I like the 6 x 12 landscape canvas, just as I love panoramic photos. It's so fun to work with different sizes. You'll have to let me know how you like the linen panels? I have yet to find a favourite.

Very cute little girl & Santa painting on your side bar :)...and very clever ;)

Deb Kirkeeide said...

If you like mountains Calli, you'd like this area. Not too far from Yellowstone and Beartooth Highway to the north into Redlodge Montana.

Panoramics are fun. I use Raymar's linen panels - single primed. I'm starting to like them more than the canvas.


oh, i love love love wyoming!!! absolutely LOVE it! now for a log cabin high in the mountains, a pinto pony in the corral, wood burning fireplace, big furry kitty cat.....oh, and jeremiah johnson...

beautiful image! love it!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Jenean, you would love the ranch where I stayed. Log cabin, wood stove, ponies, campfires and a few cowboys....

Calli said...

Oh, did I hear the mention a cozy log cabin and jeremiah johnson...;) sweet!

and Deb, thanks for the info on the linen panels. I will try them for sure! AND ~ I am still trying to come up with the 'word' to describe your work, but Queen of Serene still stands!!!

Roger Dell Seddon said...

Absolutely beautiful. I don't know how you can bear to sell it. Such a wrench. Do you ship to the UK ?

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Roger, thank you.
I sometimes have to live with them for a while and then I'm ready to release them to the world. Kind of like my kids!
(Yes, I do ship to UK. Hopefully you didn't this one - it's found a new home already)


golly gee, i just had to come back for a quick visit - keep hearing the call of the wild [and jeremiah!]! darn it! now where's my pinto pony when i need him!

oh, and i meant to ask, deb, the raymar linen panels, do they come in larger sizes and from whom do you purchase yours? thanks, lady!