August 15, 2010

Lazy Sunflower - A Warm Up

Lazy Sunflower
5x5  oil on canvas
It's been so long since I felt even the smallest urge to paint, that I wondered if I would ever return to the easel. So I started out small - really small - to see if the brushes still worked. The last time I tried, they didn't and I literally put everything in my studio away to ride out the Great Storm of Artistic Frustration of 2010 (so dramatic, aren't I?) 
They worked this time and I started a much larger version of this little warm up painting. It will be interesting to see how it turns out, since 30 x 30 doesn't exactly translate into such an economic collection of brush strokes as a 5x5. 

And in the news... two of my raven paintings recently found a home in Alaska. Which seems very fitting since a lot of Raven stories originate from that area. And my large Raven painting "You Talkin To Me" just got juried into the fine arts show at the MN Fair this year. 
Ravens Rock!

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Sue O'Kieffe said...

when you paint what you love (meaning ravens) how can you go wrong?
the sunflower, btw, is charming

Double "D" said...

Hey Deb,
I was about to rattle your chain. Nice to see a new painting. Love the color combo's and always the brush strokes. Hang in there. Mad Dog.

Linda Popple said...

Great little painting - looking forward to seeing the larger one. Happy to see that you are painting again.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Sue, I think you're right! Thanks!

mad dog - I'm really surprised you have rattled before this. I'm hanging.
First time I've felt excited about painting in a while!

Thanks so much Linda! That's so nice to hear!

Double "D" said...

Deb, somehow I knew I'd waited to long. Sorry.
Odd, we are or were struggling with the same
gremlins at the same time. I'll do better from
now on. Maybe I'll paint.

Take care Deb,
don't let the B's drag you down.
Mad Dog

Susan Erickson said...

lovely little painting....I know what you mean about not painting....sometimes you have to take some down time and wait....

Nevine said...

I do love the sunflower... and I can only imagine what the 30x30 will look like!

And I'm happy to know you're back with your brushes and strokes.


patrice said...

Congratulations on the raven paintings... it seems your sunflower is singing for joy.

Liz said...

This painting makes me happy as I look at it!

Katie said...

I always love your sunflowers Mom!! Miss you:)


well, you go, girl! fantastic your work is just moving along - upward and outward - and what can i say about this piece - my own sun sign's flower! magnificent! love it!

and i can't wait to see the large one, either - i'm a large canvas painter myself - i've three 48x60 canvasses sitting right now, along with several that are a bit smaller - but the "mood" hasn't struck here in a while, either - just waiting on it to strike......sigh....

Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful work, Deb!

Helen Read said...

Very nice, Deb! Glad to see your brushes are in good working order!

Calli said...

Hey there Deb, Love the sunflowers!... and many congrats on
the raven paintings new home and 'You Talking To Me' being chosen. I love that one!

...all great news!