August 31, 2010

Living Large

Living Large
30 x 30 Oil

I was gently reminded the other day that it was time to check in and post something. It's nice to be missed. :-)

I've been using my creative juices in other ways. I've been working on graphics for a new TV show for the 12-16 yr crowd called M@d*About. I think it airs next week. I have also been trying to meet the deadline for my animated Motion Poem, so I've been putting in some later hours. Slowly, but surely it is coming together. I'll post more on that another time.

And this, my giant Sunflower painting - well, it just took a long time due to my messing with it. This is one that looks more dynamic in person. I have decided I have to give up that notion of making these large paintings look like the smaller versions. Or get some giant brushes. And start lifting weights in order to wield them.  I'm picturing myself as Zena, Warrior Princess with a giant brush in place of a sword. Hmmm...maybe that should be a self portrait!

Thanks for your visit!

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Susan Erickson said...

You sound like a busy lady....wonderful that it is all so creative! ...The sunflower is lovely!

Double "D" said...

Morning Deb,

Wow, I'll bet this really shouts in person.
I think that's probably the only true way to
give this painting it's due. it still looks great
on the blog. Sounds like things are coming together
on your work projects. That's got to feel good.

I'm glad someone jingled your chain! ... ba dum bum!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Susan! Busy, yes but vacation coming up shortly!

Doug, it can't help but shout since it's so big! Thanks. And thanks for your expertise at chain rattling! Now, where's your latest post???


well, now, you know i'm a big canvas girl, myself, and i love your big flower canvas! just gorgeous - so bright and uplifting! and those are my leo colors and flower, all just perfectly dazzling! congrats on all your new work projects that sound so wonderfully exciting! good for you!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Beautiful, Deb! You must be so pleased! I love the color and composition! So dramatic! ~Janine XO