March 22, 2011

One Summer Day

  One Summer Day
6x8 Oil on linen canvas
©2011 Deb Kirkeeide

This is a painting I did a while back but never posted because I wasn't really happy with it. So I decided to sit down and have a little chat with it. We came to terms after I reworked it a little and we're both pleased with the outcome.

The title is a bit of wishful thinking - at this moment I am writing to the sound of sleet and snow hitting the windows.

At the Movies....

 This weekend I saw a movie called Seraphine. The film is based on the true story of French painter Seraphine Louis de Senlis (1864–1942). I admit I was not aware of her work before this, but I found her story fascinating. Hers is one of passion and in her words she was sometimes frightened by what came through her onto the canvas.  I recommend the movie and checking out her work.


mermaid gallery said...

lovely pale greens in that painting,,,very soothing...wish summer was a little closer here is getting tiresome. Painting summer flowers is good therapy!

Double "D" said...

Hi Deb,
Lovely Peonies! Nice thought and image
to get us closer to summer.

Did you see on national news today ...
some stone cold dude surfing in the waves
of Lake Superior? Cold, very cold, yet true!

Mitzi Easley said...

I love One Summer Day - great colors, great composition. And I'm now in search of this movie - take care! M

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I agree the winterscape is getting tiresome!
Doug, did you mean "stoned" and cold dude? haha! He must have been, to go surfing in Superior - that water is cold no matter what time of year.

Maybe if we live in denial it will make summer so!

Mitzi - hmmm, now I'm going to have to look for that movie!

Thanks all for your visit and comments!