March 27, 2011

Sunday Backyard

Sunday Backyard
6x8 Oil
©2011 Deb Kirkeeide

I've been painting all day and happened to look out my studio window and loved how the shadows were casting across the snow. So I tried a little indoors plein air. Really difficult as the snow was pretty blinding in the sunlight. And my eyes weren't quite adjusting back and forth to the colors. But all in all
I like this little study. I haven't done that in quite a while (plein air, that is) 

I can't believe the weekend is over already - just when I'm getting into the groove of it! Hope yours was a good one.

$145.00 + $12.00 S/H


Double "D" said...

Beautiful piece den. Great colors, you really nailed it! Still snow on the ground uh?
Isn't it spring yet?

Good to see you painting again!

Roger Seddon said...

This is a beauty, so pretty much on par with all your work. I love your big mountain and sky landscapes and hope to see more of these painted plein air. Might even buy one. Glad you are painting again, well refreshed after your break.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Doug! and yes, we still have snow...*sigh*

Thanks Roger, I have the urge to head west to do some mountain and big sky landscapes - perhaps then! Not too many mountains around here

Mark Landes said...

I like it. On Daily Painting I think you meant 5" x 9" (not "5 x 95").

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Mark. It's actually 6x8, don't know how Daily Painters got such a crazy size :)